Summary of the army’s work “Thai Athletics”, the only association sweeping 12 gold medals “SEA Games”

On May 19, 65, it’s over with athletics. at the SEA Games in Vietnam The team of athletics athletes from Thailand won a total of 12 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals, as follows:

Day 1 (14 May 65) 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals

3 gold coins
– Men’s 200-meter running, Mr. Puriphon Boonsorn, stats 20.37 seconds (GR, NR)
– Female tiptoe, Lt. Col. Parinya Cheeimarereng, 13.66 meters statistic.
– Mixed relay 4×400 m. Lt. Col. Siriphon Phanphae, Provincial Lt. Suppanich Poolkerd, Mr. Joshua Robert Atkinson and Ms. Banny Non Leading Stats 3:19.29 seconds (GR)

2 silver coins
– Female hammer throw Ms. Mingkamol Khumphol, 50.28 meters statistic
– Hammer throwing, male Pol. Lt. Col. Kittipong Boonmawan, 64.54 meters record

2 bronze medals
– Female hammer throw, Ms. Panwat Kimsang, 49.64 meters record
– 200-meter running, male Pol. Lt. Col. Chayut Kongprasit, record 20.77 seconds

Day 2 (15 May 65) 2 gold coins 2 silver coins

2 gold coins
– Men’s 400-meter sprint, Joshua Robert Atkinson, 46.44 seconds
– Ddeckita Pol Lt. Col. Suthisak Singkhon Statistics 7,603 points (GR)

2 silver coins
– Women’s 400-meter run, Ms. Benny Nontanam, 54.01 seconds
– throwing male weight Police Lieutenant Chakrapha Noisri Statistics 17.32 meters

Day 3 (16 May 65) 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal

4 gold coins
– Throwing a female discus at Police Lieutenant Subenrat Insaeng, statistics 53.09 m.
– Men’s 800-meter sprint, Joshua Robert Atkinson, stats 1:55.75s
– Women’s 4×100 meter relay consisting of Miss Supawan Thipat, Provincial Police Major Supanit Poolkerd, Ms. Onuma Chettha and Ms. Athicha Petcharakun, stats 44.39 second
– Men’s 4×100 meter relay consisting of Pol. Lt. Col. Chayut Kongprasit, Mr. Sora-at Dapbang, Lt. Col. Siriphon Phanphae and Mr. Puripol Boonson, statistical 38.59 seconds (GR, NR)

2 silver coins
– Run 800 meters, Male Lieutenant Lieutenant Chirayu Plinaram, record 1:55.77 seconds
– Female pole vault Miss Chonthicha Kabutr, record 3.70 meters

1 copper coin
-Run over the fence 110 meters, male Mr. Nattaphon Dan Sung Noen, record 13.99 seconds

Day 4 (17 May 65) 2 silver coins 1 bronze

2 silver coins
– throwing female weight Miss Areerat Intadit Statistics 15.04 m.
– Throwing the Chakram, Mr. Kriati Pradit Srisai, statistics 51.18 m.

1 copper coin
– Throwing female weight, Miss Atima Saowapaiboon, record 12.51 meters

Day 4 (18 May 65) 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 2 bronze medals

3 gold coins
– Men’s 100-meter sprint, Mr. Puriphon Boonsorn, 10.44 seconds stats
– Men’s 4×400-meter relay consisting of Lt. Col. Abhisit Chamsri, Lt. Col. Siriphon Phanphae, Mr. Ruamchok Semathong and Mr. Joshua Robert Atkinson, stats 3:07.58 seconds.
– Male high jump, Mr. Kobsit Sitthichai, statistic 2.21 meters

3 silver coins
– 4 x 400 meter relay race consisting of Ms. Sukanya Channana, Provincial Police Ying Suppanich Poolkerd, Ms. Patcharaphon Jongkraijak and Ms. Benny Nontanam, stats 3 :42.90 seconds
– Men’s 100-meter sprint, Mr. Sora-at Dabbang, 10.56 seconds record
– Female javelin Miss Jariya Wichaidit, 55.65 meters statistic

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