Summary of the buyout market: Westbrook can invest in former Dongyi Control, the competitor in the same city, and wait for the second spring – yqqlm

Original title: Summary of the buyout market: Westbrook can vote for the old Dongyi Control, the rival of the city, and wait for the second spring

On February 10th, Beijing time, after the trade deadline, many players faced the fate of being bought out, and some of them had no next home.

The most popular player in the buyout market at the moment is Westbrook. After being sent to the Jazz by the Lakers, the former MVP point guard is likely to reach a buyout agreement with the team Currently at the moment, the teams interested in him include the Clippers, Heat and Bulls.

In addition, John Wall and Reggie Jackson are also likely to enter the buying market, the former was sent back to the Rockets in a three-way deal, and it is basically confirmed that he will be bought; while the latter is negotiating with the Hornets Buyout is important.

In addition, the veteran interior Ibaka sent to the Pacers by the Bucks will also face the fate of being cut; the veteran inside linebacker who will also be cut is Dewayne Dedmon who was sent to the Spurs by the Heat.

At the same time, there are two outside scorers who have not been traded but are also discussing buying, namely Terrence Ross from the Magic and Will Barton from the Wizards. (xixi)Return to Sohu to see more


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