Summary of the medal table for the Paralympics “Tokyo 2020”

by 17 medals, consisting of 5 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze of the Thai national team in the sporting event”Tokyo 2020 Paralympics” at Japan

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Thai athletes“Working in battle”Paralympic Games 2020” Through the 4th of September 64, in summary, today’s coins, “China” led the coin today by collecting 93 gold coins, 57 silver coins, 50 bronze coins, a total of 200 coins, ranking 1st place more than the 2nd place “United Kingdom” With 40 gold medals, but a total of 122 medals, 3rd place “Russia” has 36 gold medals, while the Thai national team athletes today have increased to 17 medals, moving to the 24th joint of the table.

Coin SummaryParalympics 2020” on the 4th day of Sept. ’64

Thai athletes continue to collect more medals in the Paralympic competition “Tokyo 2020with all 17 coins as follows:

  • Sai Sunee Jana” Athletes, wheelchair fencing, female APE, class B, 1 bronze medal
  • Rungroj Thainiyom” Table tennis player, 1 bronze medal
  • Phutharet Kongrak” Wheelchair Racing 2 gold medals
  • Pongsakorn Payaw“Wheelchair Racing 3 gold medals
  • Athiwat Phaengnuea” Wheelchair Racing 1 Gold Medal 1 Silver Medal
  • History of Wahoram” Wheelchair Racing 1 Silver Medal
  • Anurak Laowong” , “Yuttachak Klinbanchuen” and “Thirayu Chuawong” Three Table Tennis Athletes 1 Bronze Medal
  • Watcharaphon Wongsa” Boccia Athletes 1 Silver Medal
  • Pornchok Lapyen” Boccia Athletes 1 Silver Medal
  • Saichon Konjan” Wheelchair Racing 1 Bronze Medalist
  • Kwansuda Puangkitcha” Taekwondo athlete 1 bronze medal
  • Suchirat Pukkham“Badminton Player 1 Silver Medal
  • Wissanu Huadpradit” , “Subin Thipmani” , “Watcharaphon Wongsa” and “Worawut Saengampa” Boccia Athletes, Team BC1/BC2, 1 Silver Medal

Now the army of athletes “Thailand’s Paralympicswon a total of 17 medals, divided into 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 7 bronze medals, ranked 24th in the medal table

source Public Relations Division, SAT.

CREDIT PHOTO : Public Relations Division, SAT.


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