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Summary of timeline #Kim Seon Ho, part 2, the trend bounces back from Dispatch.

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Summary of timeline #Kim Seon Ho, part 2, the trend bounces back from Dispatch.

Old issues have not been quiet for a long time for Kim Seon Ho, the drama’s actor. HometownChaChaCha with Ms. A. Latest today, Dispatch, who holds the secrets of the Korean entertainment industry, has revealed.Details behind the drama that gained information from talking to a news source who is a friendand the people around Kim Seon Ho

where various details become a bounce wind that turn the story to see another on the relationship including the identity of both As for how events have changed and turned, Mango Zero will summarize the timeline for easy understanding once again.

Information you need to know : Ms. A = Choi Young Ah (former KBS weather news anchor)

beginning of relationship

In late 2019, Choi Young Ah got to know Kim Sun Ho through a friend. and started dating as a lover In March 2020, Choi Young Ah confessed to Son Ho that he had been married and divorced. to which Kim Seon Ho was confused. But I can accept it because I still want to continue dating.Until they go on a date together in many places, whether it is a zoo. Amusement parks and suburbs


The breaking point and the first breakup

  • Choi Young Ah lied about hanging out with other men. which had been done before
  • Kim Seon Ho was caught and terminated on July 7, 2020, before chatting with his best friend A with the message that

“I caught you lying yesterday. I’ve forgiven you But you still lied to me She told me that she didn’t hang out with other men, even though she did, and the worst thing was that when I asked her, she thought I was referring to another man. which is a different person whom I know.”

  • The next day, July 8, 2020, Choi Young-ah sent a message apologizing to Son Ho for a long time. to express guilt Give her a chance to come back again Said that she put pressure and tried to do a lot to be good enough to be by Sunho’s side.

“I know you’re angry. and felt betrayed But I want to confirm that there is no intention to deceive. I just want you to be really happy. I should have thought better, so could you give me a chance to fix this? I promise that if I get my trust back She definitely won’t be disappointed again. If I make the same mistake again You don’t have to trust me any more.”

  • Kim Sun Ho sends friend A a picture of the message, in which friend A suggests he breaks up with Choi Young Ah. because he thought that if he forgives her, she should repeat it again
  • At the same time as Son Ho, he consults with his most trusted friend B (friend B is the same person who went to the hospital with Choi Young Ah), but B tells him to trust again. And Kim Sun Ho is back with Choi Young Ah.


pregnancy and abortion

On July 24, 2020, Choi Young Ah told Sun Ho that she was pregnant. Friend B revealed to Dispatch that Kim Sun Ho didn’t see it as a bad thing. He thought, “Having children is like a gift from heaven.” But deep down, I’m afraid that it will affect my work as well. In the end, both of them agreed to terminate the pregnancy.

By July 27, 2020, Friend B went to the hospital with Choi Young Ah while Kim Seon Ho went shopping to make seaweed soup. To nourish Choi Young Ah’s body from the loss of a child.


after termination of pregnancy

After removing the child Choi Young Ah is closer to Son Ho’s parents. And Seonho tried many things to keep her feelings. including adopting a Shiba dog Named ‘Hoa’ (Sonho+Young Ah) so that she doesn’t feel lonely too.

After that, the two continued to be together and see each other until April. 2021 and broke up in May. 2021 means that the two are dating 10 months after the baby was taken out, contrary to what the woman previously said that Son Ho changed after the abortion.


There are also other issues. being mentioned as Choi Young Ah’s relationship with his former lover who was a businessman. Including another habit that a friend of the woman’s side revealed. Choi Young Ah is addicted to buying a lot of brand names and most of the expenses are spent on Kim Sun Ho’s money.

And this is all of the other side unfolded back. While the Camp Salt Entertainment Kim Sun Ho’s has not come out to confirm anything. This makes the whole story still a mystery. Which story is true? What’s the story? I wish everyone to continue to follow with ‘consciousness’ and ‘discretion’.

Source: Allkpop, WorkpointTODAY

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