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The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase game conference will reveal Bethesda Game Studios’ first action role-playing game “Starry Sky” with a new universe view in 25 years. (provided by Xbox)
The new “Diablo IV” will practice console and PC cross-platform online play and open cross-platform access to game progress. It is expected to debut on PC, Xbox and PS5 in 2023. (provided by Xbox)
The interactive story game “As Dusk Falls” created by INTERIOR/NIGHT under Xbox Game Studios will be released on July 19 and will be available on Game Pass. (provided by Xbox)
“Minecraft” will launch a new action strategy game “Minecraft Legends”, which is expected to debut in 2023. (provided by Xbox)
“Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn” DLC additional content will be launched on June 30, and the first wave of free large-scale updates in August will bring Yue Xunlong and the new field “The Secret Realm of the Tower” and other content. (From the official CAPCOM YouTube channel)
The new game “Wolong: Lost Reign” developed by the “Nioh” series team Team NINJA will be launched on Xbox and Windows PC in 2023. (Excerpted from the official YouTube channel of Taiwan Koei Tecmo)
“Evil Castle 8: Village” will launch the “Winters Expansion Pack”, the new DLC additional content includes the Gold Edition of the original mainline game and the DLC set, which is expected to be launched on October 28. (From the official CAPCOM YouTube channel)
The new “Evil Castle 4 Remake” not only greatly enhances the exquisiteness of the screen, but also adds modern elements to bring players a fresh feeling. It will be launched on March 24, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X, S and Steam . (From the official CAPCOM YouTube channel)
“Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” is the second work of the “Final Fantasy VII” remake plan, and it is predicted that the last work will be launched in the form of three parts in the future, and it will be launched on PS5 next winter. (From the official Square Enix Asia YouTube channel)

This year’s E3, the largest video game show in the United States, was canceled, but the “Summer Game Fest” held last week was as lively and exciting as the online version of E3. Many new games and program updates and additional content were announced one after another, such as the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. A number of brand-new games will be launched simultaneously on Game Pass on the first release day, and the well-known game producer Hideo Kojima will be invited to reveal new works jointly developed on the show; It will bring a number of surprises, in addition to the new additional content such as “Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn” and “Evil Castle 8: Village”, the newly produced “Evil Castle 4 Remake” and “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” will also be released. “Part II and other latest news.

In this Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase game conference, 30 games that players are looking forward to in the coming year were announced in one go, in addition to the first public joint release of new works by Bethesda’s studios, including the first action characters with a new universe view in 25 years The cosplay game “Starry Sky” and the cooperative FPS game “Redfall” created by the award-winning team Arkane Austin will be launched on Game Pass in 2023, as well as new titles such as “Forza Motorsport” and “Minecraft” series.

Wolong arrives on Game Pass

In addition, even the 3rd to 5th generations of the classic Persona, as well as KOEI TECMO GAMES and the new game “Wolong: Lost Reign” developed by the “Nioh” series team Team NINJA, also announced that they will be landing on Game Pass on the day of release. The latter immediately announced that the story will be based on the dark fantasy of the last years of war in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Players will use Chinese martial arts combined with sword and halberd actions to fight in the game. According to the currently released pictures, it is quite a soul game, which also means that This exclusive debut on Xbox and Windows PC will have the opportunity to attract many players from other home machines to join the Xbox family.

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The annual game event is of course indispensable for the new series of works of Blizzard’s classic game “Diablo IV”, which not only adopts an open world architecture, but also supports cross-platform online play and open cross-platform access to game progress. There are 5 professions of Necromancer. Blizzard also stated that this time, it will not use a bottomless payment mechanism like “Diablo: Immortal”, but a game with a buyout mechanism. Xbox and PS5 debut.

As for the CAPCOM press conference, the most high-profile classic games such as “Monster Hunter Rise”, which is currently exclusive to the Switch, will launch a new DLC “Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn” on June 30. Additional content will not only bring players back to “Monster Hunter” Hunter 2″ debuted in the wild “Jungle Forest”, there are more abandoned coastal ruins for players to explore, and new elements such as new environmental creatures have been added, such as Spinosaurus, Black Etching Dragon, Daming Crab, Chibi Spider and other new monsters Brand new Introduced, as well as new high-speed replacement and iron wire moves.

The demo version of “Monster Hunter 2” has been released for players to take the lead in exploring the “dense forest” field and crusade the new monster electric dragon, as well as try new systems and moves. Other players can play, but players should also pay attention to the fact that they need to complete the tasks designated by the assembly and update before they can play the additional content. In August, the first wave of free large-scale updates will be launched, bringing Yue Xunlong and the new wilderness “The Secret Realm of the Tower”. In the future, several free updates will be released regularly.

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“Evil Castle 8” pushes DLC new gameplay

In addition, “Evil Castle 8: Village” will launch the “Winters Expansion Pack”, the new mercenary mode “Additional Command” allows players to easily defeat the constantly appearing enemies in the game, as well as the widely known “Village” The characters Heisenberg and Mrs. Timitrescu participated in the battle, and simultaneously brought a new third-person visual mode, allowing players to re-experience the game in another visual.

The most eye-catching is the extension of the game “Shadow of Rose”, which tells the story that happened after the end of the main story of “The Village”. The daughter of the original protagonist, Ethan, 16 years later, in order to give up her innate strength. Enter the “Bacteria Master’s World of Consciousness” to start an adventurous battle. The game will be played in a third-person perspective, and will simultaneously bring “Evil Spirit Castle: Reversal” for multiplayer online play. You can buy it alone or purchase “Evil Spirit” Castle 8: The Village is a free gift, and the Gold Edition will include the original mainline game and DLC sets. It is expected to be launched on October 28, and CAPCOM also revealed that it is preparing to develop PlayStation VR2 related content.

In the same field, Gaying launched “Evil Castle 4 Remake”. This remake not only retains the characteristics of the original work, but also improves the picture by leveling up. It also adds modern elements to bring freshness to players. The story returns to the original Lakun city. The original protagonist Leon also reappeared. At the same time, he also redesigned the appearance of the enemy Garnard, and played the game from the third-person and Leon’s back perspective. Due to the improved picture refinement, the dark part can hide the enemy and increase the sense of excitement. Launched for PS5, Xbox and PC, it is expected to be released on March 24, 2023.

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In particular, “Evil Castle 7: Resident Evil”, “Evil Castle 2 Remake” and “Evil Castle 3 Remake” will also debut on the latest next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X, S , supports 4K resolution, high frame rate and ray tracing technology, as well as 3D Audio, allowing players to be more involved in the game world. It can be purchased on PS5 and Xbox series from now on, while PS4 and Xbox One version gamers can also use digital upgrades respectively. The game is updated for free with Smart Distribution, and PC version players can also download the update file.Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health


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