Summoners War Chronicle user update based on communication


Com2uS will update the MMORPG summon type ‘Summoners War: Chronicle (hereafter referred to as Chronicle)’ based on user communication and improve convenience.

Chronicle is an MMORPG that enjoys collecting and combining three unique summoners and 350 types of summoners with various characteristics and skills. Immediately after its launch last month, it gets a good response, coming first in terms of popularity in the two major app markets for its distinctive fun of nurturing and combining your own summons.

Active communication is also one of the factors for the progress. After the launch of Chronicle, Com2uS was also well received for its prompt feedback on user voices. It was evaluated as a ‘game that communicates with users’ by continuously reviewing various suggestions from users, reflecting them in the actual game, and revealing the progress in a developer note in detail. In this update, we plan to carry out a wide range of reorganization and improve the usability of the game based on user opinions collected during the month of release.

First, the system is being upgraded so that users can enjoy the trips more fun and get more rewards. You can set up save points on a growth path, and after clearing the first one, you can start the boss battle from the save point.

The gold reward for each stage of the training path has been increased, and expedition, rift and arena processing times have also been shortened. In the future, a raid participation assistant system will be added that allows you to enjoy raids with guild members 3 times a week without limit.

A more convenient way to enjoy the game has also been introduced. A rune warehouse function and a type filter function have been added to the existing village warehouse, making it possible to manage runes more conveniently and refill tokens at any time. Reception and search functions have been added to the Encyclopedia, and the production efficiency of the Urdd Applications Office has also been upgraded.

In addition, the sky tower and attribute tower will be extended to the 120th and 90th floors, respectively, and the power of the tower will be further released, expanding the enjoyment in the game . In addition, as a new outfit that will always be sold, you can also find an outfit pack with a hot spring concept.

Meanwhile, Chronicle prepared a special event to express gratitude for user support. With the update, Com2uS will always hold an event where you can get a rich gift every time you break through the floor if you climb the sky tower and the attribute tower A special reward is provided to commemorate a month the first of the launch.

– Summoner’s War: Chronicle Development Story – Convenience Improvements

Wonbin Moon, Reporter at Game Talk

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