Sun Yizhen’s makeup was criticized for being angry with S: I feel very perverted!

Sun Yizhen’s makeup was criticized for being angry with S: I feel very perverted!

Taiwanese variety show queen Xu Xidi (Small S) has always been angry and outspoken. Recently, she has a good feeling for a post made by the Korean goddess-level artist Sun Yizhen to celebrate her 40th birthday. It is said that on her 40th birthday, Sun Yizhen uploaded a photo with zero retouching, holding the cake and holding a V, very girly, but some netizens even ridiculed “the goddess is old”: “Even if she is a goddess, she still loses to the ravages of time”, “No retouching You can see the appearance of aging.”


It doesn’t look like 40 years old!


Although there is a little oil on the face, she is still beautiful.

Ling Xiao S couldn’t help but post on the social network: “I saw Sun Yizhen’s photo again today, and I feel like I haven’t retouched or beautiful, and netizens are crooked over there again, saying she is old or something! Obviously she is beautiful! What the hell is going on, overhauling the picture, you think it’s fake, if you don’t do it, you think it’s too old! How handsome and beautiful are you? Everyone will gossip and complain, but I made a special trip to write it, I think it’s very perverted!” Xiao S also added A self-portrait without makeup echoed, and there were not many netizens who left a message to support it, saying that confident women are the most beautiful.


Xiao S took a selfie with no makeup and helped drag it.


The sour people: “I feel very perverted!”



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