Sung Si-kyung Reveals Profits and Challenges of His YouTube Channel

Singer Seong Si-kyung Reveals Profits of His YouTube Channel

By Eun Lee | September 15, 2023 20:11

Popular singer Seong Si-kyung has recently shared the financial success of his YouTube channel on a video titled ‘Sung Si-kyung’s Apgujeong Rodeo Wild Buffalo Part 2’. The video was released on his official ‘SUNG SI KYUNG’ YouTube channel on September 14th.

In the video, Seong Si-kyung met with Shin Dong-yup at a restaurant in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to have a conversation. During the discussion, Shin Dong-yup was impressed by Seong Si-kyung’s increased happiness index since starting his YouTube channel.

Sharing his experience, Seong Si-kyung expressed that starting something new can be challenging, but overall, he finds joy in introducing his favorite restaurants and enjoying delicious food with good company. Addressing the common misconception that celebrities just eat and make money, he emphasized that YouTube work requires regular content creation and commitment. Seong Si-kyung mentioned that he posts videos three times a week, and the effort involved is equivalent to producing 2.5 terrestrial programs.

Listening to Seong Si-kyung’s explanation, Shin Dong-yup empathized with the workload and mentioned that the burden would be even greater for YouTube creators. While Seong Si-kyung expressed gratitude and enjoyment for his YouTube work, he also admitted a desire for a two-week break to escape and relax.

With around 1.55 million subscribers, Seong Si-kyung continues to connect with his fans through engaging ‘mukbang’ and music content on his YouTube channel.

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Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2023.09.15 20:11

/Photo = YouTube Channel ‘SUNG SI KYUNG’ Video singer Seong Si-kyung revealed the profits of his YouTube channel.

On the 14th, a video titled ‘Sung Si-kyung’s Apgujeong Rodeo Wild Buffalo Part 2’ was released on ‘SUNG SI KYUNG’ YouTube channel.

In this video, Sung Si-kyung met Shin Dong-yup at a restaurant in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and talked.

/ Photo = ‘SUNG SI KYUNG’ YouTube channel video Shin Dong-yeop said, “Si-kyung, it seems that your happiness index has increased a lot. You did before and after doing YouTube.”

Seong Si-kyung said, “What I felt when doing YouTube was that I had a hard time after I started something after I started something. I think that’s exactly what it is now. It’s fun to introduce my restaurant and eat such delicious food with good People say, ‘It’s good for celebrities. They eat delicious food and make money,’ but it’s true.” “Thank you, ” he said.

Seong Si-kyung said, “But this is work. I have to do YouTube three times a week.” He went on to explain, “The profit is like making 2.5 terrestrial programmes. (terrestrial programmes) need a lot of filming for two weeks, so you do it, but with YouTube, you have to do it as if you were writing a diary.”

Shin Dong-yeop, who heard this, said, “Three times a week?” and added, “The burden will be more on YouTube.”

Seong Si-kyung then said, “It’s fun and I’m grateful,” but he also said, “I can’t just take a break. I want to go somewhere and hide for two weeks.”

Meanwhile, Sung Si-kyung communicates with fans through ‘mukbang’ and music content through his YouTube channel, which has around 1.55 million subscribers.

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