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Suning Red Children’s super strong point hits and ignites the summer holiday fever ahead of schedule_big head son

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Original title: Suning Red Children’s super strong dots hits ahead of schedule to ignite the summer holiday fever

On the afternoon of June 26th to June 27th, Suning Red Kids joined forces in the five cities of Nanjing, Chengdu, Hefei, Zhengzhou, and Jinan, and invited more than 600 groups of families to watch the screening of “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad”, a surprise Again and again. The atmosphere at the event was lively, and fans of all ages were still in the mood. As a classic IP that accompanies generations of people to grow up, this new sequel full of sci-fi and childlike fun also brings surprises. Parents and children have praised it, word of mouth, and called it the best choice for summer parent-child movie watching.

Suning Red Child has gained a lot of thanks. Parents and children said, “Originally planned to watch it on July 9th, but under the organization of Suning Red Children, I was very happy to watch wonderful movies in advance!” “The event is too meaningful, I hope it will be held more!” “Suning Red There are indeed many benefits for children. This time we invite our whole family to watch the movie together, so that we can accompany the children to grow up happily!”

Summer companionship, as promised

“The Big Head Son accompanies the children for summer vacation” is the warm promise of the “New Big Head Son” film series to the audience. The summer vacation is approaching, and the “big head son” is here as promised. Accompanying them were the familiar childhood voices of Uncle Dong Hao and Sister Ju Ping.

With the exposure of the exquisite posters, “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad” jointly produced by CCTV Animation Group, Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Chinese Online Digital Publishing Group Co., Ltd. The official document is set for July 9, 2021.

This new sequel full of sci-fi sense will present the children with the happiest laughter and warmest company at the beginning of the summer.

Classic IP warm return and full of anticipation

As one of the most representative IPs of Chinese children’s animation, the warm family of three with big-headed son, small-headed dad and apron mother is the epitome of Chinese families in the new era, and it also gives the four generations of audiences after 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s a childhood. Bring a lot of joy and emotion. Since 2014, CCTV Animation has launched three “New Big Head Son” movies, which are widely loved, and the concept of “growth together” conveyed by the movies has also been widely recognized.

A member of Suning Red Kids said: “It has become a habit for the whole family to watch big heads during summer vacation. It is full of anticipation and a sense of ceremony just like celebrating a birthday.” “My childhood was accompanied by big head sons and small head fathers, and my children need their company as well. .”

Starting from innovation to create a new world of science fiction

In line with the needs of the market and the aesthetics of the audience, the “New Big Head Son” series of films are constantly updated and iterated. The upcoming film 4 has been fully upgraded in terms of content and production, with high-quality blockbuster quality and novel high-tech elements. And the dense high-energy scenes are very much looking forward to.

The film invited the world’s top screenwriters to co-create, colliding with creative sparks, bringing a new story, a tight rhythm and just the right laugh. The film focuses on the cutting-edge of AI technology and adds many new and technological elements to create an imaginative science fiction world. The collision of emotion and technology will bring a refreshing experience to the audience. In addition, the big-headed son’s family will appear in the movie with a new costume image that has never been seen before, which is full of coolness. More surprise highlights are left for the audience to explore.

This summer, Suning Red Kids has prepared a lot of benefits for parent-child families. The upcoming Summer Cooling Festival has also prepared a lot of good things for babies to spend in the summer. There are also many special member activities carried out in various places to bring Suning Red Kids members. More joy and surprises!

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