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“SUNNY-K” joins SARAN & BLACKHEART for new single happy birthday

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at this timewith 2 young rappers SARAN and BLACKHEART Come join the feature ring as well.

SUNNY-K Revealed about the new song this time.. “For the music concept “Happy Birthday” From one day I was on Facebook. and see your friends’ birthday notifications So I thought Why do we dare to wish all our friends a happy birthday? except our ex Which made me think that it might be because the relationship ended badly. Or is it because the time has passed for too long? But there is one thing that never changes is a good feeling Including pictures of the past that are still with us all the time.

When we got the idea here, we started writing this song. We want to convey the emotions of people who are not afraid to speak their feelings. Most importantly, I want to add something special to this song, so I invite 2 young rappers that are hot right now, SARAN, the champion of The Rapper Season 3, to help add the story in the song so that the audience can see the picture accordingly. Along with the young rapper BlackHeart, whose tone is sad, both of them convey this song perfectly and perfectly, wanting fans to listen to each other, which this song will change its style from the single “Fling” same as mine before I hope the fans will like it.”

Come and join “Happy Birthday” together with Sunny-K x SARAN x BLACKHEART today via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9fK0cOvRMA Youtube / Facebook : Kool Sup , Instagram : koolsupofficial and Tiktok : koolsup


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