Sunny until noon, clouds after that, but no rain

Sun today too

Sunny weather will prevail today before noon. Around and after noon, cumulus clouds will develop in the western half of the country, and mainly there will be short-term precipitation and thunder. Hail conditions remain. A light wind will blow from the east-northeast. The maximum temperatures will be between 21° and 26°, in Sofia – around 22°.

It will be mostly sunny along the Black Sea coast,

after noon, mainly along the southern coast, cumulus clouds will develop, but there will be no precipitation. A light wind will blow from the east-northeast. Maximum temperatures will be 20°-22°. The temperature of the sea water is 17°-20°. The excitement of the sea will be 1-2 points.

It will be mostly sunny in the mountains.

Around and after noon, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop. There will be brief showers and thunderstorms in many places. A moderate wind will blow from the southeast, in the massifs of Eastern Bulgaria – from the northeast. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 15°, at 2000 meters – around 9°.

June will start with mostly sunny weather in most of the country.

After noon, there will be temporary increases in cloudiness over the mountainous regions in Western Bulgaria, and in some places it will rain and thunder. The wind will be from the east-southeast, mostly light, in the eastern areas to moderate.

Maximum temperatures on Thursday and Friday will be between 23° and 28°, lower along the Black Sea.


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