Sunye “A traitor who left Wonder Girls?…I have nothing to say about malicious attacks”

Singer Sunye directly explained the reckless speculation about her departure from the group Wonder Girls.

Sunye posted a long post on her SNS today (20th) saying, “I will explain. I think there are many different opinions about the stories related to Wonder Girls’ departure, so I want to finish this post, so I’m I’m going to put my thoughts together.” I uploaded it.

Sunye said, “First of all, I had the courage to go to an entertainment program, not about ‘Wonder Girls’, but about our ‘child’. It is true that it is a sensitive story.”

On the 2nd, Sunye appeared on a worry counseling program and drew attention by explaining the process of leaving Wonder Girls while explaining her story along with her concerns about her first daughter’s congenital ptosis.

Sunye continued, saying, “I sincerely apologize to those who were disappointed and hurt that she left the Wonder Girls to get married. There are many words,” she said, expressing the difficulties that continues to this day.

Sunye said, “I think it was a decision I made with my own selfish heart. Regarding that part, above all else, of course, first of all, I consulted constantly and apologized to the parties, the members who were going through it and the company. I gave it to you, and thank you very much for allowing me to choose my marriage, as I live with the debt of my heart to the members, their families , and the company for the rest of my life.”

Sunye said, “However, I have nothing more to say to those who continue to attack me with invisible tone and speech. I am not sure what else you want or what you want to hear.

He also said, “Even at the wedding press conference, I promised not to retire, but to sing as long as my voice is still alive, and somehow I came to sing again after 10 years. I have nothing more to say to living outsiders. I approach them with illogical intentions, who dig too much to know everything from one to ten.”

Finally, Sunye said, “There are people who look at me from a different perspective and judge me, people who say that I am a traitor. Is it because my life has collapsed tremendously, or because of a great psychological shock? Is it that’s the logic I can think the same way for those who weren’t there when the Wonder Girls came back after they went to America?” he said bitterly.

Sunye became the leader of Wonder Girls in 2007, got married in January 2013, and officially withdrew from Wonder Girls in 2015. After that, he lived in Canada without much activity, and released his first solo album ‘ Genuine’ since its debut in July.

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