“Supachai” confirms that without Section 3, the Marijuana Act will definitely not make marijuana a drug.

MPs confirm that there is no section 3 of the Cannabis Marijuana Act Not to turn marijuana into a drug is expected, of course, to be fully considered during this council session.

Today (December 15), Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, chairman of the Special Committee on the Draft Marijuana, Cannabis Act, BE …. made a press conference confirming that marijuana will definitely not return to being an addictive drug Back the consideration of the House of Representatives meeting yesterday (December 14, 2022), the meeting considered Section 3 for marijuana, hemp, which has been implemented under this Act. Not considered a narcotic drug according to the law on Narcotics other drug laws which is the chairman of the committee making a statement to the meeting requesting the deletion of Section 3 in its entirety There was no effect that marijuana would turn back into a drug. because according to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health in June 2022 and the release of marijuana from drugs since December 2021, marijuana until today has not returned to drugs and is expected. The House of Representatives meeting will be able to complete the consideration. Within this session of the House of Representatives and sent to the Senedd for consideration. To continue to have legislation to control the use of marijuana.


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