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“Supaksorn” spins the King’s Cup Championship Stadium 2 in Mukdahan

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“Kai” Supaksorn Nantana won the women’s general category, 58.40 km distance, the second consecutive championship in the road cycling battle. Thailand Championship at Mukdahan Province

Road bike race Thailand Championship win the royal trophy “King Bhumibol” and mountain bike race Thailand Championship win the royal trophy King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the year 2021, field 2 in a new way of life, New Normal (no spectators) on July 4th, is the last day of the road race, road race and mountain bike race. Elinator At De Boon Football Field at Cher De Bua and in the rubber plantation area, Mueang District, Mukdahan Province

On the side of “Ste. Ink”, General Decha Hemkrasri, the president of the union said that if looking at the overall picture of this competition It is considered successful and very satisfying. both about measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Although the Cycling Sports Association will impose more stringent measures But the athletes and staff of all teams cooperate very well. Most importantly, I would like to commend Mukdahan Province for the excellent performance of the competition. Next year, the association It is planned to organize a long-distance bicycle race “Tour of Thailand 2022” between April 1-10, 2022, the route in Mukdahan, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom provinces will be explored at the end of the year.

For road race results, road races, interesting models are as follows: female general model, distance 58.40 km. Results show that 3 girls from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense won 1-3 to reign, with the champion going to “Kai”. Lt. Col. Supaksorn Nantana is the second champion in a row, 2nd place “Beez”, Lt. Col. Jutatip Maneephan, 3rd Pol. Lt. Col. Ying Chaniphon. Triya time 1.35.40 the same hour

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Model age not over 23 years old, female, distance 58.40 km, compete with the female general version, 1st, 2nd, Sergeant Major Chaniphon Battiya (Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense) at 1.35.40 hours, at 2 km. Rada Khaophroh (A-Bike Design) time 1.35.40 hours, No. 3 Yaowarat Chitmat (National Police Office-GOGI) time 1.37.05 hours

Young men’s version, distance 58.40 km, 1st Sapprasert Pimsang (National Police Office-GOGI), 2nd place Pongsin Polkla (Fisherman Friend, Wat Dong Noi), 3rd Kankawee Wangchit (Prime 19, Sports Association of Phayao Province) Time 1.26.12 equal hours

Women’s youth version, distance 29.20 km, at 1 “Nong Nam” Natnan Nonthakaew (Fisherman Friends, Wat Dong Noi) time 50.08 minutes, which is to grab “Double Champ” after winning the Time Trial Championship the day before and being a “Double Champion” for two consecutive fields, 2nd place Bunluck Chumkeesorn (National Police Agency-GOGI) time 50.19 minutes, 3rd place: Parichart Polyim (Fisherman Friend, Dong Noi Temple, Khok Kluea Wittayalai School) Time 50.23 minutes

In terms of cross-country mountain bike races Elinator In this field, the International Cycling Federation (UCI) has included the 2021 calendar at the CN level by champion riders. male-female version will have the right to wear a shirt with the Thai flag pattern According to the rules of the UCI, compete in various programs in the 2022 season that are recognized by UCI around the world. The results appear as follows:

Women’s general category, Natalie Panyawan from BG Cycling Team accelerated to overtake “Ploy” Petchpraphan from Amon Bike before reaching the finish line to win the championship. Warin, who was the first race champion, only managed to win the championship. 2nd place, while 3rd place belongs to Jarinya, descended from the area of ​​the Samui MTB Bangkok team.

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Men’s general version “Base”, Mr. Methasit Boonsane from Lomocycle Chonburi team won the championship, 2nd place, Polchat Nakthongkham from Kaze Custom Factory Team Royal Navy, 3rd place, Lt. Lt. Watcharaphon Onthuri from Raj Navy TrinX Chaoyang OKO. All race results can be tracked on the website of the Cycling Association. https://www.thaicycling.or.th

The next race is a road race. Thailand Championship win the royal trophy “King Bhumibol” and mountain bike race Thailand Championship win the royal trophy King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the year 2021, field 3 in a new way of life, New Normal (no audience) between 16-18 July at Thap Sai Subdistrict Municipality Pong Nam Ron District Chanthaburi Province Athletes interested in applying to compete You can apply at the association’s website. https://www.thaicycling.or.th or ask for details at Call 0-2719-3340-2 on official days and times.

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