Supanan is proud to highlight the Thai national team to help the war elephants get through the King’s Cup for the first time in their lives – breaking news

Supanan Burirat, right back from “Sing Chao Port” Port FC is very pleased to have the opportunity to join the Thai national team, a big team, to join the hunt for the King’s Cup football championship for the first time in his life.

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Supanan Burirat, right back, important person, Port FC proud after having the opportunity to be in the Thai national team continuously Get ready for the first football match of the King’s Cup in Chiang Mai during fifa day Between 22-25 September .

The 28-year-old star has just helped the War Elephants. through to the final round of the Asia Cup 2023 in June Before doing a good job with Singha Thao until being called by Mano Polking continuously In the football kit for the King’s Cup “48th King’s Cup”

Right back Singh Chao Tha said, “I am happy and proud every time I get the opportunity to join the Thai national team. In the past, I tried to work hard, improve myself and fix things that were still wrong. The more I know today Higher competition for the national team from having children new page I try to push myself even more. don’t know what to say Other than really happy Today has another chance Of course I’ll do my best.”

“In terms of playing opportunities It depends on Coach Mano. like being called in. I’m just doing the training. And always try to prepare yourself as much as possible. I didn’t think much of it. because I think that everyone who was called in. Everyone has the potential to be ready to play.”

“The King’s Cup is the oldest in Asia. And I believe every footballer wants to play. I am proud that today I took part in this football tournament for the first time. he will try to do his best and win the first championship with the Thai national team Above all, let all football fans cheer us on.”

For the Thai national team, get ready to meet Malaysia in the 48th King’s Cup battle on September 22 at 8:30 pm at the 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai, broadcast live on Channel 32 and AIS PLAY.

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