‘Supawut’ was excited to wear the captain’s armband ‘Lek table Changsuek’ ready to go to the Asian Cup

“Chao Arm” Suphawut Thueanklang, a good star player. Open your heart to receive the excitement of being the team captain for the first time ready to mobilize the army “Lek table elephant war” advances to the Asian Cup Even if the state is not full

Suphawut Thuanklang, veteran young shin The latter was appointed captain of the Thai national team after Krisda Wongkaew, the captain of the current team. There was an injury problem, which revealed “Arm”, “Actually, this is the first time to be the official captain of the Thai national futsal team. That’s when Coach Noi (Bongkarn Phrompui) came back to be the head coach. The time that, Coach Noi gave me the team captain. But then I gave this position to Chang. At that time, I wanted to prank Chang, but deep down, I wanted Chang to be the team captain. Elephants have now injured them. I accepted this job for the first time in my life.”

“For me, I’m excited. Because he is the captain of the team, he will not be able to act normally. He must be enthusiastic You must be active yourself. What to do for the team You must be an example to the people in the team. It’s important to be a leader.”

Reporters asked about the 2022 AFC Futsal Asian Cup in Kuwait, the Thai national team will have to compete with not 100 percent of the players, said “Captain Arm”, “although Krisda Wong Kaew and Apiwat Chaemcharoen may not, who” n injured, and Muhammad Ousman Musa can’t come, but we have to move on. We can’t change anything. Everyone must have the chance and opportunity to share the same goal. and fight together I believe we will be successful in this show.”

For the 2022 AFC Futsal Asia Cup program or the 2022 Asian Futsal Championship final in Kuwait Between September 27 and October 8, 2022, the Thai national team in the A line on September 27, meets Iraq at 21.00 Thai time, on September 29, meets the host Kuwait, Thai time 23:55 and On October 1, meets Oman, Thai time 21.00 live through the ELEVEN SPORTS application.

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