Super bang, great! BLACKPINK won the industry’s number 1 girl group guarantee award.

He is a very successful K-POP idol artist. after debuting for more than 6 years for 4 girl groups GOD’S POINT with members including Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa which is now famous as far as the world has many fans of love

Recently, I have to congratulate the 4 girls. BLACKPINK, who managed to take home the top prize (South Korea) with the highest Daesang honor in the ‘K-Pop Representative Group’ category of the Grand Singer Award (Daesang) of the 14th 2022 Seoul Success Awards.

This award reflects the media industry in the country. And given to those who create change and bring innovation. Carrying overflowing dreams Through political, economic, social and cultural dimensions, this step is very meaningful for people who work in the entertainment industry in the country.

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