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Original title: Super cost-effective built-in refrigerator that breaks the wall TCL releases 456L zero ultra-thin T9 refrigerator

“TCL ultra-slim zero-insert series refrigerators are perfect inserts!” On February 21, the ultra-thin zero-embedded series refrigerators were officially released at the TCL Refrigerator Spring New Product Launch Conference 2023. Among them, the T9 ultra-thin zero-embedded TCL refrigerator realizes the perfect adaptation to’ r integrated home with its brand new zero distance seamless insert built in fridge. In particular, it is worth noting that the built-in thin TCL refrigerator T9 has a very sincere new product launch price, giving consumers a new choice with a very high price and quality ratio.

With the improvement of the public’s quality of life, the trend of integrating home appliances and home appliances is becoming more and more obvious, and built-in refrigerators have gradually become the mainstream choice of consumers. In particular, young consumers born in the 90s and 95s are full of expectations for stylish, easy-to-use built-in refrigerators with high quality and cost-effectiveness in pursuit of integrated aesthetic home furnishings. What can prove this is that, according to the “2022 China High-end Home Appliances Market Report”, “thin and light and insertable” has become a trend in the refrigerator market. During the Spring Festival this year, the turnover of the built-in refrigerators on the Jingdong platform exceeded 160% year on year.

Facing the urgent needs of consumers, TCL officially launched the ultra-thin zero-thin series refrigerators, bringing three fashionable colors of the series, smoke ink blue, ice lake blue, and rhythmic white. Take the R456T9 built-in thin refrigerator as an example This is an integrated refrigerator specially designed for home use It adopts bottom heat dissipation technology to realize zero distance seamless embedding, which solves the problem is that traditional fridges need to keep heat dissipation space on two sides effectively. Thanks to the latest fixed inset hinge design, even if the T9 inset refrigerator is close to the inner wall of the cabinet, the door can still be opened and closed freely at 90°. After the refrigerator door is closed, the door fits tightly with the cabinet, and the sides are naturally flush, which makes the home look more beautiful and grand. , and also avoids the problem of difficult cleaning caused by the protrusion of the door and the large heat dissipation gap on both sides. When making a home decoration design, the space saved by the embedded design can also be designed as a hidden shelf to maximize the space utilization benefits of the integrated home decoration.

#TCL T9 Slim Implant Refrigerator# adopts 140μm microporous foam technology and a brand new vacuum insulation material to realize the thinnest 580mm implanted cabinet in the industry, which is lighter and thinner than ordinary refrigerators, and has a preservation effect heat is better. The built-in slim T9 refrigerator with an area of ​​only 0.49㎡ has a capacity of 456 liters and fine divisions: the depth of the shelf is 305mm, the length is 670mm, and a 12 inch cake and a whole can of celery can be put in it; the extremely wide variable temperature zone of 79L, to achieve free adjustment from -20 ° C to 5 ° C, to meet the needs of users in different seasons and periods.

It is worth noting that the fresh-keeping technology of T9 slim-inset refrigerator continues the ultra-high standard and professional quality of TCL. It has intelligent constant temperature fresh keeping technology. Through multi-point temperature sensing radar, it can precisely control core refrigeration components such as frequency conversion fans and frequency conversion compressors, to ensure rapid and directional cooling, and maintain the temperature. and constant humidity at all times. In such a storage environment, temperature fluctuations hardly affect the ingredients, and the flavor retains its original taste.

To protect the health of users, the TCL zero ultra-thin T9 refrigerator is also equipped with multi-point ion sterilization technology. The billion-level ion cluster released by the ion generator is five times larger than ordinary refrigerators, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99% The common harmful bacteria in the refrigerator will be completely eliminated.

It can be seen from T9 thin-planned refrigerators that TCL thin-planned refrigerators not only have a very high space utilization rate, but also make the kitchen decoration more flat and beautiful, and the embedded zero gap avoids trouble cleaning, and the volume, keeping freshness. , sterilization and other performances are also excellent The post-90s and post-95 age new home improvement crowd needs a quality life.

The best choice for renovation / renovation in 2023 with a very high quality and price ratio

It is excellent in embedded space, space utilization, and box thickness It is also excellent in fresh preservation, sterilization and deodorization, and freezing effects It can be said that TCL slim series refrigerators not only meet people’s one – aesthetic home furniture piece Demand, and the strength of a hard core product. So, how much will it cost?

In the current refrigerator market, consumers often need to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to buy a built-in refrigerator with excellent quality. At present, TCL R456T9-UQ ultra-thin zero built-in refrigerator has been put on the shelves of major sales platforms.

Not only that, TCL also launched a series of luxurious after-sales rights and interests, such as one-year warranty for the whole machine, 10-year warranty for compressors, and 3-year warranty for important parts, to comprehensively improve the user . user experience, and really make users buy more cost-effective and use more. Don’t worry.

Today’s young consumers are no longer blinded by brands and low prices, and fall into the trap of blind consumption, but advocate “reasonable consumption and buying on demand”. TCL’s ultra-thin zero-thin series refrigerators, which have advantages in product strength and comprehensive price, can be expected to become the best choice for consumers in 2023. It can even be said that #你家家上面不可设计冰品就已报#.

Hard core scientific and technological strength creates a new sample of life aesthetics

As an “intelligent technology manufacturing group” in the home appliance industry, TCL has always spared no expense in technology exploration and patent research and development. TCL refrigerator washing machine now has 15 international patent applications, 336 national invention patents, 821 utility model patents, 341 appearance design patents, and 9 PCT international patent inventions. At the same time, the TCL Research and Development team has maintained close cooperation with various colleges and research institutions for a long time, organized a team of excellent teachers and doctoral experts in the food field for detailed development, and accelerated the efficiency transformation high results of scientific research. In 2022, the “TCL-Jiangnan University Fresh Preservation Technology Innovation Laboratory” jointly established by TCL and Jiangnan University’s first-class School of Food Science and Technology will be officially unveiled, which will inject new momentum into China’s development. refrigerator fresh keeping technology.

Based on leading innovative technology, TCL is committed to providing consumers with high-quality technological products for a better life. Gaining the trust and favor of consumers, TCL has been recognized and confirmed by the industry. In recent years, TCL Refrigerator has repeatedly won China Design Red Star Award, China Red Top Award, Germany Red Dot Award, Germany Product Design Award (IF), Korea Good Design Award (GD), Award China Home Appliance Innovation Achievement, etc. ■ Well-known awards at home and abroad, becoming one of the most powerful innovation forces in the home appliance industry.

The ultra-slim zero series built-in refrigerator is the latest achievement of TCL’s technological innovation. Through in-depth insight into the aesthetic needs of young urban white-collar workers, TCL, driven by technological innovation, combines hard core technological strength with “integrated aesthetic home furniture” to create a new zero-thin embedded series. refrigerator, which is perfectly suitable for integrated home furnishing. While promoting the artistic trend of home appliances and promoting the aesthetic upgrading of the public’s lifestyle, it has reinforced TCL’s leading position in life aesthetics.

For the refrigerator industry, TCL achieves differentiated development through the zero-thin ultra-thin series refrigerators, consolidates its leading position in the industry, expands new growing space for category development, and leads the sustainable development of quality high of the refrigerator industry. .Return to Sohu to see more


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