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Super Formula: Tomoki Nojiri wins the long-sought champion in the 8th year of participation![F1-Gate .com]

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Tomoki Nojiri (TEAM MUGEN) won the 2021 Super Formula championship.

The final round of the 2021 Super Formula was held at Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture on Sunday, October 17th. Hiroki Ohtsu (Red Bull MUGEN Team Goh) won the race for the first time in the difficult conditions of wet to dump conditions.

In the championship race, Tomoki Nojiri (TEAM MUGEN), who lost his position with rain tires in the early stages, recovered to 5th place. Rivals Yuhi Sekiguchi (carenex TEAM IMPUL) finished in 4th place, and Toshiki Oyu (TCS NAKAJIMA RACING) and Nirei Fukuzumi (DOCOMO TEAM DANDELION RACING) finished in no points, so they won the drivers’ championship. For Tomoki Nojiri, it was the first title in his long-cherished career in the eighth year of his participation.

Tomoki Nojiri
“I’m really happy to win the long-awaited domestic major title for the first time! This season, I was able to make a rocket start by winning consecutively in the opening two races that the whole team prepared well from the pre-season test. And I was able to get the driver’s champion by leaving a solid result even in the consecutive battles at Twin Ring Motegi, which I had not been able to achieve so far. The design is large enough to express our gratitude to the medical professionals who are fighting the new coronavirus infection, and we hope that winning the title will help spread this message more widely. Last but not least, thank you very much to all the sponsors and supporters! “

Tanaka Yokke (supervised by TEAM MUGEN)
“I’m really happy to win the title in the year I took over as director. Healthcare professionals, sponsors and stakeholders who are at the forefront of the new coronavirus infection, and always We would like to thank all the fans for their support. I think Nojiri, who won the crown with three wins in this talented Hakuchu series, is truly proud of the team members who have worked hard to win this victory. I think. We will continue to do our best as a team so that we can show you the hot race, so please support us. “

Koji Watanabe (Executive General Manager, Brand Communication Division, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
“Congratulations to TEAM MUGEN, including Tomoki Nojiri and Director Hirokatsu Tanaka, and all the fans who always support us enthusiastically.” I think the performance of Nojiri and TEAM MUGEN, who showed overwhelming strength of winning 3 wins in 6 races of the season so far, was really wonderful. I look forward to it. Through participation in SUPER FORMULA, where drivers who operate such high-level machines compete for skill, Honda will continue to strive to further promote Japanese motorsport culture. ”

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