Super great! The new arsenal of MSI Concept Store fans.

On May 27, 2022, MSI, the leading brand in gaming hardware, business, and content creation, held a grand opening of the new Concept Store at Seacon Square Srinakarin shopping center with a response to Well, there were a lot of fans and people interested in IT and hardware products participating in the event.

For MSI fans and enthusiasts Can stop by and experience the real products at MSI Concept Store, B1 Floor, Seacon Square Srinakarin Shopping Center. Travel by public transport, you can use the BTS SkyTrain to get off at Bang Na Station (Exit 2) and connect to a taxi or a mini-bus. Bangna-Seacon Square Srinakarin, where the Concept Store is located opposite the Khlong Thom zone

During the grand opening event, the brand was honored by Mr. Andy Hsiang, General Manager of MSI Thailand, Khun Chan Chaowanich, Managing Director of Speed ​​Computer Company, and Khun Surachai Charoenpong, Deputy Managing Director. Business Development Office, Seacon Development Public Company Limited, joined the ribbon cutting for the official opening ceremony of the store.

Additionally, on the eve of this past grand opening, MSI invited two of the leading cosplayers Yukine and NNEWWCHII to promote the event. have many followers and is widely known in the cosplay industry.

MSI also has a special product promotion. with many free items There is also a premium giveaway event. Let those who attend the event have fun and receive prizes as souvenirs to take home as well.

In this event, people who come to the launch event can easily join in the fun. Just take a photo with the cute Lucky puppet and the MSI store logo, share it on social channels (such as Facebook or Instagram), check-in and make the post public. It is finished and receive MSI Folding Bag worth 590 baht as a souvenir for everyone.

For MSI notebook promotions, those who visit the Concept Store will find notebooks at a special price. Both high-end gaming laptops entry-level gaming notebook thin cable notebook and notebooks for professional creators that come with a discount of up to 48%. This promotion will be available from May 27, 2022 – June 10, 2022 and not only special notebook promotions. For those who buy laptops during the Grand Opening of the Concept Store and follow MSI’s news channels, they will receive the following special gifts:

for gaming notebook

  • Those who buy the first gaming laptop at the event will receive 1 Lucky Plushie doll, valued at 3,000 baht.
  • Those who buy a gaming laptop 2-6 at the event will receive a Gaming Keyboard GK-701 worth 1,590 baht.

for notebook Business & Productivity and Content Creation

  • person who buys a notebook Business & Productivity or Content Creation The first device in the event will receive an MSI Thermos Bottle worth 1,000 baht.
  • person who buys a notebook Business & Productivity or Content Creation Machines 2-6 within the event, receive immediately Prestige Porcelain Cup valued at 890 baht

in the promotion section of the monitor all-in-one computer And the desktop has a variety of flagship and popular models to show and experience. Whether it is a product in terms of gaming and Business and Productivity to meet the needs of users of all groups

Special promotion only at MSI Concept Store, Seacon Square Srinakarin branch from 27 May 65 – 9 June 65 only.

  • meet the monitor All-in-one computers and desktops, special discounts of up to 10,000 baht, limited stock.
  • Redeem for free Central gift card valued up to 2,000 baht when purchasing participating gaming desktops. There is a limited number of freebies.
  • Redeem for free MSI GK30 Combo mouse and keyboard model worth 1,890 baht when purchasing a participating gaming monitor. There is a limited number of freebies.
  • Redeem for a free Central Gift Voucher worth 1,000 baht when purchasing a participating Business and Productivity desktop or All-in-One computer. There is a limited number of freebies.
  • Redeem for a free Netflix gift card worth 1,000 baht when purchasing a participating Business and Productivity monitor. There is a limited number of freebies.

In terms of computer equipment products, including motherboards, graphics cards, PC cases, water cooling kits Power Supply SSD Gaming Chair and gaming gear

The parade is ready to be reserved as the owner, which comes with many special promotions, worth up to 1,300 baht, from 28 May 65 – 10 June 65, only at MSI Concept Store Seacon Square. Srinakarin only

And if you buy participating products by 31 May 65, you can also redeem additional gifts from MSI’s Back To School and Go Forward and Upgrade promotions.

The aforementioned special promotion will only be available at MSI Concept Store, B1 floor, Seacon Square Shopping Center, Srinakarin only. and can experience the real product from today onwards

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