Super Junior Shindong “It’s almost the first time I opened a rest area in a PC room” (‘Donkey Ears’)

[마이데일리 = 임유리 기자] Super Junior’s Shindong revealed that he was almost the first to open a rest area in a PC room.

On the afternoon of the 14th, the KBS2TV entertainment program ‘The Boss’s Ears are Donkey’s Ears’, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong appeared as co-bosses. Heechul Kim appeared as a special MC.

On this day, when Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Leeteuk has been on a cooking program for a long time because she seems to fit in well with the food and beverage business.”

Shindong then said, “Many people think that Leeteuk is a real person and say that I am not a face model, but in fact, Leeteuk is in his first year as president, but in my case, I got a lot of business in the past. I also had a room, a fashion, a lounge bar, a cafe, and even a production. I am the president of the 12th year,” he introduced himself.

Shindong continued, “Everyone, I’ll tell you one thing. It’s really surprising news, but these days, a lot of people go to PC rooms to eat, don’t they? This is almost the first time I have opened a rest area inside (PC room) to eat,” he admitted and surprised everyone.

Surprised Kim Sook asked, “Then what happened to that PC room now?” Heechul Kim replied, “I’m sorry, but it’s completely ruined. It was Dracula Shindong’s PC room, and it sucked on Shindong’s.”

[사진 = KBS2 ‘사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀’ 방송 캡처]

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