[Super League Hong Kong]Bei Junqi’s request for admission to the North District to be promoted to the Board of Directors has not discussed the matter of Yuyuan’s fraudulent waves

[Newyddion Chwaraeon]The Football Association held a board meeting today (8th) Chairman Pei Junqi revealed after the meeting that third place from Group A, North Gaoli Region, has applied for promotion. It is expected that there will be 11 teams in the Hong Kong Premier League in the coming season. He also drew attention to the fact that the re-election of the board of directors is expected to take place on the 27th of this month. “He doesn’t care what job he does. The most important thing is to serve football. ” There was no meeting today to discuss Yuyuan’s issue related to the anti-counterfeiting case The team can continue to participate in the FA Cup match on the 18th of this month, but Bei Junqi, who is also the chairman of the Yuyuan Sports Association, said that it is not clear whether the team will continue to participate.

North Area (Photo: Tilu Database)

North Area (Photo: Tilu Database)

The Football Association’s board of directors held a meeting for more than three hours this afternoon. Chairman Pei Junqi revealed that the meeting discussed issues such as the Hong Kong Super League arrangement for the coming season and the Football Association’s personnel changes. Bei Junqi confirmed that Gaoli North District, who won third place in the first season recently, have applied for promotion. As the application period has ended, it is expected that 11 teams will play in the Hong Kong Super League in the season to come. But having one more team can be seen as moving forward with the goal.” He said that the new season is tentatively scheduled to start at the end of August, and that there is an opportunity to organize the Elite Cup to be held during the Hong Kong. The football team’s preparations for the Asian Cup.

(Photo: Happy Garden Football Club Facebook)

(Photo: Happy Garden Football Club Facebook)

In addition, the ICAC arrested 22 men and one woman in the middle of last month, including 11 players and a coach from Yuyuan. They are suspected of jointly forging and manipulating the results of the league this season. . The people arrested were released on bail on the evening of the ICAC press conference and have not yet been charged. Although Yuyuan has completed the First Division League, he still has the opportunity to make his debut in the FA Junior Cup on the 18th of this month. Bei Junqi stressed that the Football Association has been working hard to tackle the wave of counterfeiting in local games, especially in low-level leagues, but has not been able to find out who is behind it to the curtains. today’s meeting did not discuss the situation of Yuyuan: “Because it did not take ) further steps. As the chairman of the Football Association and the chairman of Yuyuan, it is difficult for me to comment. I will only discuss with the relevant authorities in the region cooperation. If there is no prosecution, I can only wait to see what happens.” He continued that Yuyuan still has the ability to compete in the FA Cup qualifiers, but I have not contacted the relevant people of the team. It is not clear whether Yuyuan will play the game as scheduled I also stressed that once the authorities take action against the team, the Football Association will also review how to punish

Bei Junqi (Photo: Tilu Database)

Bei Junqi (Photo: Tilu Database)

Regarding the Football Association’s personnel changes, the “South China Morning Post” recently reported that chairman Timothy Fok will not be running for re-election. Pei Junqi and current vice chairman Huo Qishan will take the positions of chairman and chairman respectively. Former Secretary of Home Affairs Xu Yingwei will be “in the air” Vice Chairman Elected. When Bei Junqi was asked today if he was elected president, he simply said, “If there is anything I need, I will not worry about the situation, and I will work hard. Although the contribution may not be big, but the original intention is also to develop sports.” He also confirmed that the election of the board of directors is scheduled to be held at the Hong Kong Open University on the 27th of this month. It is normal for the board of directors to do that. usher in great changes. “The most important thing is for everyone to serve football.” In addition, Liu Yixin, the new organizational governance director of the Football Association, has taken up his post. Bei Junqi said that the other party has a legal background and governance experience, and hopes to lead the secretariat in a good way.

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