“Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition” Tomahawk Princess Brigitte inspires fans to create re-creations, and the R34 community is ready to move | 4 Gamers

Recently, Nintendo announced its latest animated movie “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), bringing characters such as Princess Brigitte, Luigi, Yoshi, and Yoshigo Mori, which has attracted many fans. In the discussion, Princess Brigitte is the focus of the topic, because the R34 community is already ready to move.

In the second wave of promotional trailers, the heroic pose of Princess Brigitte holding a tomahawk, cool summoning fireballs, and various richesexpressionIt has been praised by overseas fans. Immediately after the release of the promotional video, there were a large number of creations related to Princess Brigitte Tomahawk abroad, which shows that the public loves the new look of Princess Brigitte this time.

Another group of fans, however, appreciated the back of Brigitte’s bodysuit even more, as it accentuated the princess’ butt and gave the Rule 34 community something bold to think about.

In fact, Princess Brigitte was originally one of the most popular characters in the second adult creation of “Super Mario Bros”, just like “FF7” Tifa.

Shortly after the release of the promotional trailer, foreign adult video creators magically changed the official poster, and the number of likes received far exceeded the original Princess Brigitte poster on the official Twitter.

According to the relevant search data report released by Pornhub after the “Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary” event in September last year, in addition to the explosion of the main keyword “mario”, the keyword search of ” peach princess” Princess Brigitte is among the best.

It can be seen that the Rule 34 community is already ready to move. I believe that with the help of this movie version, the adult search keywords Mario and Princess Brigitte will explode again.

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