Super NK Cell Therapy Shows Promise as New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease: Results Reported on New York TV Station

“Super NK Cell Therapy Shows Promise as a New Treatment for Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease”

New York-based biotech company NK Max (182400) has caught the attention of the medical community with its innovative Super NK cell therapy product (SNK01), which is being hailed as a potential breakthrough in Alzheimer’s treatment. The treatment was recently discussed by Dr. DeOrchis, Director of Neurology at St. John’s Hospital in New York, during an interview with local TV station PIX11.

PIX11, a popular New York-centric channel known for its diverse programming, featured a segment titled ‘New treatment promising for patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease’ on the 14th. The report highlighted the case of Janice Scansaroli, one of ten Alzheimer’s patients participating in the FDA’s Compassionate Use Authorization program. Under this program, patients can have access to experimental treatments that have not yet received market approval. NKMAX received FDA approval for compassionate use of Super NK (SNK01) to treat Alzheimer’s patients in November of last year.

Janice, a 70-year-old who was diagnosed with late-stage Alzheimer’s three years ago, experienced a remarkable improvement in her condition after nine months of taking Super NK. Previously unable to walk or communicate effectively, Janice regained her mobility and speech and now leads a more independent life. The remarkable progress in her condition has left both her family and medical professionals astounded.

Super NK works by normalizing microglial cells, a type of immune cell found in the brain. These cells play a crucial role in maintaining brain health by detecting and eliminating damaged cells. However, in patients with Alzheimer’s, these cells become excessively activated and contribute to the deterioration of brain function. Super NK treatment helps to eliminate inflammation in the brain, prevent the hyperactivation of microglial cells, and restore their normal function.

Dr. Phil DeFina from the International Brain Research Institute emphasized the importance of reducing inflammation in treating advanced Alzheimer’s disease. He believes that Super NK has the potential to become the primary treatment for this devastating condition.

Encouraged by the positive results, NKMAX plans to apply for an FDA Phase 2 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease in the near future. The company aims to further validate the effectiveness and safety of Super NK as a potential treatment option.

With several patients showing significant improvement in cognitive ability after taking Super NK, there is growing optimism in the medical community regarding its potential. Dr. DeOrchis concluded the interview by expressing his hopes that Super NK will contribute to the history of Alzheimer’s treatment.

As more compassionate treatment results emerge, NKMAX’s clinical schedule is moving swiftly forward. The company’s officials stated their intentions to pursue FDA approval for Phase 2 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, displaying confidence in the potential of Super NK as a game-changing treatment option.

– On the 14th, the effects of the Super NK treatment were reported on New York TV station PIX11.
– NKMAX plans to apply for an FDA phase 2 IND soon

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[이데일리 김지완 기자] NK Max (182400) Super NK cell therapy product (SNK01) is attracting attention as a new Alzheimer’s treatment in the United States.

Dr. DeOrchis, Director of Neurology at St. John’s Hospital, spoke. Francis in New York, USA, about the efficacy and treatment of NKMAX Super NK on New York TV station ‘PIX11’ on the 14th. It’s like being interviewed about it. (Capture=Reporter Kim Ji-wan)

On the 14th, ‘PIX11’, a TV station in New York, USA, reported on Super NK NK Max under the title ‘New treatment promising for patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease’. PIX11 is a channel that is becoming very popular by broadcasting a variety of programs, including news and entertainment, in New York-centric areas.

On this day, PIX11 introduced ‘Janice Scansaroli’, who takes Super NK to treat Alzheimer’s. Janice is one of 10 Alzheimer’s patients participating in the FDA’s Compassionate Use Authorization.

The compassionate use approval system is a system where medical authorities provide a treatment opportunity by supplying a new drug before marketing approval in situations where treatment is stopped because there is no longer a treatment that can be used. Compassionate use of therapeutic agents is made entirely at the physician’s discretion. For this reason, applications for compassionate use must be submitted directly to the FDA by physicians on a patient-by-patient basis. NKMAX received compassionate use approval from the FDA for Super NK (SNK01) in November last year to treat Alzheimer’s patients.

A patient who had not been able to talk or walk recovered after 9 months.

Janice is 70 years old and was diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s three years ago.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease of the brain, and symptoms worsen over time due to memory decline, reduced ability to think, and reduced daily living skills. Alzheimer’s is generally divided into three stages: early, middle and late. The final stage is classified as severe Alzheimer’s disease, and most people lose memory and are not recognized by close family or friends. In particular, movement may be limited, making walking or sitting difficult. It reaches a level where it is impossible to live without help from those around you.

Janice also had difficulty moving around and had difficulty communicating with people around her. Dr DeOrchis, Director of Neurology at St. Francis in New York, USA, who treats Janice, MRI of Janice’s brain and said, “Much of the brain has atrophied. She was diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s disease, saying, “The cortex of the brain has become thinner.” He went on to point out that “inflammation is the cause of dementia” and said, “We confirmed that Super NK has an excellent effect in getting rid of inflammation in the brain.”

This is 70-year-old Janice Scansaroli, who was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. He was unable to walk or even talk to people around him, but after 9 months of taking Super NK, his symptoms improved significantly, allowing him to look after his grandchildren and exercise on his own . (Capture=Reporter Kim Ji-wan)

When he started taking Super NK in January this year, dramatic changes occurred.

Janice’s husband, Jay Scansaroli, commented on the recent changes, saying, “Janice radiates a much more powerful energy than before. She walks on her own, speaks in full sentences, and communication with her grandchildren. “I was surprised. PIX11 at Zenith goes for a walk. One after another, he showed himself exercising on a step machine and taking care of his grandchildren.

Super NK, a treatment by normalizing microglial cells… “Applying for phase 2 clinical trial soon”

NK cells recognize and destroy abnormal cells such as inflammatory cells, cells infected with viruses or germs, and cancer cells through the body’s immune response. It also passes through the blood-brain barrier (BBB) ​​smoothly. NK cells eliminate inflammation, damaged cells, and abnormal proteins that occur in the brain. In this process, the function of microglial cells is supported.

Microglia protect the brain and maintain brain health by detecting and removing damaged cells in the brain. However, microglia only fulfill a short-term brain protection role. When microglial cells become excessively activated due to long-term brain damage or infection, it causes damage to brain health. In most patients with Alzheimer’s disease, brain function is damaged in this vicious cycle. NK cells play a role in eliminating inflammation in the brain, preventing hyperactivation of microglial cells, and encouraging them to perform normal functions.

Dr said. Dorkis, “Super NK is not a treatment,” and “it is the patient’s own blood cells. “It’s a method of separating NK cells from the blood, multiplying and strengthening them, and then injecting them back into the patient’s body,” he said, emphasizing that Super NK is NK cells that normalize the system immunity in the brain.

‘This is Janice Scansaroli working out on a stepping machine. (Capture=Reporter Kim Ji-wan)

Like Janice, the other nine patients who took part in this cognitive test showed a significant improvement in cognitive ability compared to before taking Super NK.

“Reducing inflammation determines the success or failure of treating advanced Alzheimer’s,” said Dr. Phil DeFina of the International Brain Research Institute. “In light of this, the Super NK mechanism is the primary treatment for Alzheimer’s.” “This is the right approach for this,” he said, adding that he was very encouraged by the results of the Super NK treatment over the past year.

Dr came. Dorkis ended the interview by saying, “I expect Super NK to add a page to the history of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Due to such compassionate treatment results, the clinical schedule of NKMAX is also advancing rapidly.

An NKMAX official said, “We plan to apply for an FDA Phase 2 clinical trial (IND) for Alzheimer’s disease as an indication in the near future.”

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