Super persistent! “Crazy Inspector” caused gunfight in Sai Mai area Dead: PPTVHD36

Super persistent! “Inspector Crazy” caused a gunfight in the deceased Sai Mai area The latter is in serious condition and has been taken to hospital since he was arrested.

Progress in the case of “Inspector Rave” or “Inspector Kan”, 50 years old, shooting a gun inside the house In which the police surrounded and arrested for more than 28 hours, until the operation to subdue the crazy inspector Succeeded the police to stop the incident at 12:19 pm It was said that While arresting the criminal, he was shot. and he is in a serious condition due to congestion in the abdomen So he was taken to hospital immediately.

Later, at 9:00 pm, “Mad Inspector” or “Inspector Kan” was reported dead.

However, Pol confirmed. Col. Rangsan Sornsing, Superintendent of Sai Mai Police Station, told PPTV at 9:03 pm that he was at Bhumibol Hospital. and also closely monitored the symptoms Ready to confirm that “Inspector Kan” is not dead yet.

At 9:12 pm, Colonel Rangsan again confirmed that there were still vital signs. and still alive

At 9:28 pm, while another news source confirmed the same and said that the latest symptoms are low blood pressure, weak breathing, but there are still vital signs.

Until at 9:55 pm, Colonel Rangsan Sornsing, director of the Sai Mai Police Station, confirmed that the latest inspector Kan had died. After the pulse gradually weakened until finally dying Then the doctor removed the ventilator.