Super tasty, eyebrow shape, Dew-Chompoo-Aum But does it match my face shape? Add a bang??

I want to have eyebrows like Dew-Chompoo-Aum. But not that it can fit with every face shape. What kind of face shape do you make beautiful? Make it great. Let’s hear the answer from the guru.

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In this minute, if you ask girls what type of eyebrows they want, eyebrows like Dew Arisara, Chompoo Araya and Aum Patchrapa are the answers that makeup artists and eyebrow tattoo artists hear girls request most often.

So, are the 3 types of eyebrows suitable for every face shape? What kind of face has the same eyebrow shape as the 3 mother’s and it’s perfect, and what kind of face shape should not be imitated?

Professor Por Nattawat Lertwittayachaikul from the shop SIAM EYEBROWS eyebrow tattoo specialist from the Beijing Sanchuan Institute and the Jinsha Institute of China The former referee of the Thailand Eyebrow Tattoo Championship has an answer.

Ajarn Por said that the eyebrow shape of the three people was really popular. and become a role model for girls eyebrow writing time or want to make eyebrows

Pink and Dew’s eyebrows are the same eyebrows. But they look slightly different because the faces of the two are different. Dew has a full forehead and temples, but flatter, so the eyebrows look fuller and straighter.

Chompoo part, western face structure have more dimensions and convexity of the bone Even if the eyebrows are written in the same shape, they are the same length, but when taking photos, they look more dimensional and rounded.

Dew or rose apple eyebrow shape, suitable for people with big round eyes. or small eyes But there must be a sharpness Or use the eye makeup to look sleek. It can help drive eyebrows to look more prominent.

and must be the person who has the front frame The forehead is wider than the jawline. The temples must be full. When writing eyebrows, this style will look beautiful. or someone with a heart-shaped face full forehead convex This eyebrow shape is beautiful as well.

person with short round face Shouldn’t write eyebrows like this Because this eyebrow shape does not keep the face frame. But people with long faces full face or a face that is not long but has a full forehead Write a beautiful eyebrow shape.

The Aum-Patcharapa eyebrows are considered classic. and a role model in makeup lessons Because this eyebrow shape is suitable for all faces. because it is determined by the angle of the person’s face

Eyebrows are arched in the middle of the black eye. Balance the oval face or other face shapes Therefore, it is another popular eyebrow shape.

In addition to the eyebrow shape that is suitable for the face shape Help fill it up to look more beautiful and perfect. many more women or even men It focuses on making eyebrows that will help enhance physiognomy. It can’t be called beautiful and handsome alone, it has to be popular as well.

Eyebrows with 5 elements to enhance physiognomy

Ajarn Po, who has experience with eyebrows 5 elements according to Chinese astrology for 10 years, said that greening the eyebrows to match the birth element will help enhance physiognomy. increase life The eyebrows according to the principles of 5 elements are as follows:

wood element It is a straight brow, Korean style, suitable for people with straight eyebrows. Eyebrows are quite full. person with korean face or Asians who already have this eyebrow shape I almost didn’t have to lift my eyebrows at all.

fire elemental Similar to the element of wood, but from the middle of the eyebrows to the tail of the eyebrows eyebrows will point up Looking to the side, the tail of the eyebrow is higher than the middle of the eyebrow and the head of the eyebrow. This eyebrow shape is popular among celebrities, models and magazine makeup.

It is also a popular eyebrow shape that is used to enhance physiognomy. To solve the problem of drooping eyebrows, drooping eyes, sad face Drawing the tail of a fire elemental eyebrow make it look sleeker and more powerful

earth element Earth-elemental eyebrows are short, not at the corners of the eyes, look dense and firm. Most men have eyebrows like this. And if people of the Earth element have eyebrows in this shape already, eyebrow writing will not block the eyebrows. will shape the eyebrows to match the shape of the eyes But it doesn’t look more than the corner of the eye

gold element classic eyebrow shape As a model for makeup lessons It is an eyebrow shape that almost every woman can use. The head of the eyebrow starts above the inner wing of the nose. The tail of the eyebrow is raised to a level of 45 degrees. The arch point of the eyebrow is the center of the black eye. Every face shape is suitable for this eyebrow shape. Aum Patchrapa has eyebrows like this.

water element Eyebrows, Mrs. Madam look like an adult The highlight is that the eyebrows are arched and sweetly arched, not emphasizing the head and tail of the eyebrows. A woman with a heart-shaped face, a round face, and a little nose. Doing this hairstyle will look cute, such as the eyebrows of the former heroine Natasha changing the way.

However, when physiognomy eyebrows are added There is also an eyebrow shape that each element should not do. or the appearance of eyebrows in each element as follows

Wood element Golden Elemental Eyebrows because metal cuts wood, fire element do not make eyebrows water element Because water extinguishes fire, earth element, don’t use water element eyebrows. Because a lot of water destroys the soil, the golden element, do not write the fire element eyebrows. Because a lot of fire destroys metal, water element, don’t make fire element eyebrows.

For example, Dew Arisara eyebrows, full body writing, raised eyebrows. It is an eyebrow that resembles the wood element. Not suitable for people with the golden element

Aum Patcharapa’s eyebrows are the eyebrows of the golden elemental people. There is a pointed pediment in the middle of the black eye. tapering down The person who doesn’t suit this kind of eyebrow shape is the Fire element.

Elemental eyebrows beautiful-handsome option

And if the eyebrows that you like It’s the eyebrows that are brewed with the birth element. Ajarn Por said that it’s not something to worry about. If we want beauty and tie the matter of happiness, bang or eyebrows 5 elements together.

because in addition to eyebrows that match according to their own element Each person can choose 2 more charming and beautiful eyebrows.

For example, people with the wood element but don’t like the wood elemental eyebrows. There are also eyebrows according to the additional element of the wood element, up to 2 elements, namely the water element and the earth element. is an element that enhances the moon which must see which eyebrow shape of these 2 elements is your favorite and which is suitable for your face shape

Each element is born with an earth element, fire element and gold element, which is a moon element, water element, wood element and gold is a moon element, fire element is wood element and earth element, wood element is The Water and Fire Element, the Gold Element, the Lucky Element is the Earth Element and the Water Element.

Therefore, if the original eyebrow structure is not suitable for the birth element or want to make eyebrows that you like, but do not match the birth element must look at the supporting elements whether the brow shape matches the face shape or not

For example, Dew and Chompoo-style eyebrows are suitable for those born with the Wood and Fire elements, but the Water elemental people want to make eyebrows in this style. will avoid writing eyebrows in a wooden element is that the tail of the eyebrow does not raise

Therefore, you do not have to worry about not being able to make eyebrows according to the 5 elements of physiognomy because 1 person has 3 eyebrows to choose from. This 5 element eyebrow tattoo can be able to adjust the eyebrow shape that can be both beautiful and enhancing the physique.

People who are still worried that if they come to do eyebrows in 5 elements, will they be beautiful? Do you look ancient? Does it fit your face or not? The answer is no, because in addition to looking at beauty and fashion trends must also include the subject of art and beauty and the matter of physiognomy

And besides the 5 element eyebrow shape, there are also colors to choose from: black, dark brown, light brown, caramel-enhancing color. or sparkling gold

In addition to enhancing physiognomy with the 5 elements of eyebrows, the color of the lips also indicates health, work and finances. And it’s also a genetic solution for people with dark lips. uneven lip color or darken from smoking Currently, there is a new color embedding technique. reduce inflammation Swelling down a lot

For those who are interested in making eyebrows in 5 elements and making lips look pinkish, contact SIAM EYEBROWS shop located at Sammakorn Place Ratchaphruek Shopping Center or contact us at 084-718-2534 or 02-924-4339 Facebook Siam Eyebrows Line: kew3drjanpor

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