Supercomputer predicts ‘Cannon’, Premier League champion, ‘Swan-Death’ not in the top four.

Supercomputer predicts ‘Cannon’, Premier League champion, ‘Swan-Death’ not in the top four. reported that a supercomputer was used to analyze the results of the first seven games of 20 teams in the English Premier League in order to determine the end of this season in advance.

Supercomputer analysis Lifted Arsenal to the title with an 86-point performance, without losing a single home game.

Second place is Manchester City with 83 points, winning 19 home games and scoring 104 goals.

3rd place: Brighton has 83 points, equal to Manchester City. But the second goal was conceded to 4th placed Tottenham Hotspur 82 points

Liverpool dropped out of the top four, finishing fifth with 62 points and not winning a single away game, 6th place, Brentford 60 points, 7th place, Manchester United 60 points, but the goal is second to Brentford in lord

The three teams that will be relegated are Nottingham Forest with 28 points, Leicester City 20 points, West Ham United 19 points.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will be a team that has scored just 9 goals and conceded 23 goals throughout the season. Leicester will get 110 goals, Bournemouth concede 100, West Ham will score just five goals in 38 games, despite scoring three in their first seven games.

After publishing the results of the supercomputer analysis. causing the fans to come out and make a lot of comments Most consider them wrong and many statistics are implausible.

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