Superfoods to Eat in January –

In January, you should eat superfoods that contain vitamin C, which boosts immunity. [사진=클립아트코리아]

In winter, unlike summer or autumn, there is not an abundance of fruit and vegetables. The Huffington Post, an American website, 6 Superfoods to Eat in Januarypresent. Especially cold, sinusitis, cough fight back and win Immunitythat arise vitamin Cis that you have to take good care of it.


◆ Tangerines

sweet one tangerineEven if you’re just eating 60% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin Cmeets

• How to eat = You can always eat because it is easy to carry. Or break saladput it in like kale or spinach leafy vegetablesin iron contentIf you add vitamin C absorbgoing well

◆ Brussels sprouts

There is also an evaluation that this leafy vegetable does not have much taste. such as broccoli and cauliflower cruciferous vegetablesbelongs to Irritationprevent some cancersi inhibitory effectIt is known that there are also fiber, potassium. vitamin AWow C, iron It is rich and low in calories.

• How to eat = olive oilWow garlicAdd little and gently Stir-fry eat.


◆ Grapefruit

vitamin CGrapefruit, famous as a treasure of fiberIt makes you feel full in your stomach. therefore lose weightuseful for Obesity studies found that participants lost the most weight when they ate half a grapefruit before meals. also More than 90% waterTherefore, it fills our body with water. in the red variety antioxidant lycopenethere are so many Prevent certain types of cancerIt also protects the skin from UV rays.

• How to eat = Boil with cinnamon and honey and drink. saladput it on iron absorptionHelps.

◆ Kale

Kale is so well known that it is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ‘superfood’. vitamin AWow C, Iron, Potassium, Calciumthis is full

• How to eat = When eating raw food such as salad Olive oil, avocado, nuts the same thing healthy fatYou need to add a little bit of it to fully absorb all the nutrients.


◆ Carrot

This crunchy root vegetable is known to be good for the eyes. One cup of carrot pieces vitamin A It contains more than 400% of the daily recommended amount, similar to sweet potatoes. also natural sweetnessIt can prevent tooth decay if people who like sweets eat it instead of snacks.

• How to eat = rawit can be eaten as Soupor with other root vegetables baking Eat it.

◆ Parsnips

parsnipA root vegetable that looks similar to a carrot, it has a sweet, nutty flavor and is great for adding to soups or stews. fiberclass vitamin C, potassiumthis is rich

• How to eat = Soupme stewIn addition, if you bake it with other root vegetables or add it to mashed potatoes, you can eat it less tightly.

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