Supernova Enso Fernandez ‘Buzzer Beater Big Deal’… Chelsea’s winter was hot

Signed in 161.8 billion won on the last day of the transfer market

EPL record breaking amount, the biggest hand ever

‘490 billion’ to bring 8 people this winter

The team that heated up the European football winter transfer market the most was Chelsea (England). On the last day of the transfer market, his momentum rose with a stormy recruitment, such as making a ‘big deal’, but on the contrary, it also caused a skit where a player failed to transfer due to lack of documentation.

Reuters reported on the 1st that Chelsea have managed to sign Argentine midfielder Enso Fernandez (22, Benfica, photo). According to Reuters, Benfica said in a club statement that it had agreed with Chelsea to sell all rights to Fernandes for 121 million euros (about 161.8 billion won). This is the highest ever transfer fee in the English Premier League (EPL), surpassing the £100 million (about 151.6 billion won) that occurred when Jack Grealish transferred to Manchester City in 2021.

Fernandez, who played in the Argentinian league and transferred to Benfica for about 10 million pounds (about 15.1 billion won) in August last year, played in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and his ransom increased. Fernandez took charge of Argentina’s midfield and contributed to Argentina’s first championship in 36 years, and emerged as divine by winning the Young Player Award.

The discussions were dramatic. After continuing tug-of-war negotiations with Benfica, a dramatic deal was reached around 11:00pm on the 31st of last month, one hour after the end of the transfer market in UK local time.

By signing Fernandes, Chelsea became the best ‘big hand’ in this transfer market. According to British Sky Sports, Chelsea spent a whopping £323.3 million (about 490 billion won) by signing eight players in the transfer market this winter.

Jiyashi PSG loan, failure to submit documents
Midfielder Jorginho for Arsenal

But Chelsea made amateur mistakes when it came to transferring players. I tried to transfer Hakim Ziyasi, the main player who led Morocco to the semi-finals in the Qatar World Cup, to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on loan, but the process could not be completed because the necessary documents could not be submitted in time . .

The British public broadcaster BBC explained, “I don’t know if there will be a solution, but at the moment it seems that Ziyasi will have to return to Chelsea.” Major French media outlets said, “PSG are angry at the way Chelsea have dealt with a clumsy administration.”

Meanwhile, several transfers were pouring in just in time for the transfer market deadline. Arsenal signed midfielder Jorginho from Chelsea for a transfer fee of 12 million pounds (about 18.3 billion won), while Christian Eriksen left due to injury, Manchester United signed midfielder Marcel Sabitzer on loan from Bayern Munich (Germany) in crisis switched off In addition, Portuguese defender João Cancelo, who played for Manchester City, also moved to Munich on loan.

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