Newsletter – Ko Bao guarantees Coach Bell to continue Yam’s goal is to create kids to support the team.

The President of Wiang Sa, Surat City, hints at the team’s attitude in the new season.Prepare to use young stars to fight next year Ready to confirm that the coaching staff team is still in the same set.

“Taphat Destroyer” Wiangsa played Surat Thani City last season using young players and finished 8th in the Southern Region of Thai League 3 last season.

Most recently, “Kobao” Supachai Ritsamarn, president of Wiang Sa, Surat City, revealed the team’s approach next season. By confirming that the team still trusts “Coach Belle” Praying Kongsap as the team’s coach. by joining Santisuk Chaisol, technical chairman, to help build a team

“The coach is still the same person. I didn’t change it The coaching staff is still in the same uniform, nothing has changed, because like Coach Belle (Phanut Khongsap) he is studying for a B license and Coach San (Santisuk Chaisol) is a license And, but the person standing on the sidelines Still training Bell.”

Meanwhile, in terms of players this season The big boss, the army of destruction reveals that The team is preparing to push more than 10 young players from Surat Thani Provincial Administrative Organization 3 (Ban Na) school to practice and compete. For the aim of building a stronger team than before

“This year we took about 10 children from the Provincial Administrative Organization School, generation 17-18, who were already practicing at the school. Give those children a chance to play with their brothers and sisters. The main body is still the same, not only foreigners, we do not take it at all. We call back and screen. because we have to reduce costs.”

“Target is Important We have to look at the situation of each team because it is still not perfect. A view of the warm-up We’ll change it later. We have to see, when working together, when training, that the team cannot go. You have to look at the incident until the day before the race to see where he is blind,” said Kobao.


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