“Suphachai” announced that planting marijuana is not illegal. 9 Dec. 64 Anyone who gets caught call “Pride Thai”

“Suphachai” has clearly announced that planting marijuana is not illegal since 9 Dec. 64. Anyone who gets caught calls Pride Thai. Arranging a lawyer to help the case, suggesting that the police slow down the arrest first, insisting that we do it for the grassroots brothers

On January 10, Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, the registrar of the Pride Thai Party MPs list system Pride Thai Party talk about “Cannabis is legal. Why are you still arrested?” on Facebook, Ganja TV, stating that the drug code 2021 came into force on December 9, 2021, it was announced, resulting in the Act 1979, in Section 7 that defines “marijuana” as a drug, has been repealed. Two days ago, people were told that villagers planted two marijuana plants, and police said they could be prosecuted.

“I asked the police who arrested him. Did you know the cannabis law? enforced he said he didn’t know and he said that he used Narcotics Act, 1979, arrested, which showed that Police officers do not know the law. The drug code has come out, but still goes back to using the old law to arrest. therefore have no arrest power Some say that they know The Drug Code is in effect. but saw that marijuana has not been canceled that It is a Category 5 drug unless the Minister declares it a non-narcotic. Therefore, the minister must first declare that marijuana is not a drug. which saw that he had interpreted it extensively Without you saying that the principles of criminal interpretation must be strictly interpreted. and must be interpreted according to the intent of the law.”

So I would like to leave the agencies in the justice system to talk about what to do with marijuana. Let the Minister be the one to announce it first. The officials did not see that Principles of interpretation, however, I am the vice chairman of the committee. clearly stated lawful intent want to withdraw marijuana from drugs

Mr Supachai said that he would like to leave the agencies in the judicial process to talk. What to do with marijuana Diligent to catch two trees. Why did you go to see the drug collection? is there any message identifying marijuana as a drug Today, if we want to prosecute the grower, the law has a controversial opinion. Because of the use of the Criminal Law, Section 2, a person is subject to a criminal penalty. Only when committing an offense under the law while doing it The law was made to be guilty. Is the law written today? that the cultivation or possession of cannabis Was it written? how much is the penalty It’s not written at all. Today you will have to go and see. If you refer to the old law that is no longer there, you will be wrong. because it has no power to arrest

Mr Supachai said that 1.) Today the drug law code. Release marijuana from category 5 under the Drug Code, Section 29 2.) Narcotics Act, 1979, Section 7 states that marijuana is a drug. Has been canceled. 3.) You can plant. and use of cannabis If you are prosecuted Pride Thai Party Willing to send a lawyer to help take care of the case for you You can call at 02-940-6999 and if you see that The staff came to arrest and saw that it was not legal wish to prosecute I’m happy as well. So it’s time for government officials to adjust their attitudes.

Mr Supachai reiterated that hemp can be grown. He is a lawmaker If the officer or the police will arrest you, tell them to open the drug penal code. If they arrest me, if not, Pride Thai is willing to be a lawyer. This country is governed by law. You have to ask if you have looked at the Drug Code. In Article 29, you believe the law. tell the police to believe the law

“Today the law is not written forbidding. I’m not saying that marijuana is a drug. If you are going to do something not for drugs like basil, go into the pan. If the police are going to arrest them, they must say that they have confirmed that they are not committing crimes under the Narcotics Processing Act. New version in effect It’s not written as marijuana. already a drug If confirming to arrest, will ask a lawyer and will contact the Pride Thai Party and to make a record of the arrest clearly in what section of the law But if you still insist on arresting, it may be considered a wrongful act. urged the police to delay their arrest. that the minister will issue various requirements, let’s consider compared to being accused neglect of duty Because at the moment there are no laws for marijuana. It’s already a drug

Mr Supachai said that after this there will be another law. to come out and take care of this because we have an agreement with the United Nations have a single convention We have a duty to come and see. Assuming the extract Industrial factories have to ask for permission, but villagers don’t have to ask for permission anymore. People will grow cannabis. don’t need anyone’s permission But after that, what will be announced, such as asking for permission or taking notice, is a matter of the future. But now you don’t have to ask permission from anyone.

The Pride Thai Party Specifies that 6 trees can be planted, when will it be possible? The general public does not need permission at all. But if it is an industrial level, it will go to do contact farming with farmers. it’s a benefit We don’t do it for capitalists. we do it for the people grass roots brothers Because the Pride Thai Party We are with the grassroots people.


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