Supor Hangzhou regular season finale closes in first place, first place and changes hands_Quick Chess_Ke Jie_Gu Lingyi

Original title: Supor Hangzhou regular siege season finale locks in place

At 11 o’clock on February 7th, the 15th round of the Chinese Go League “Huawei Mobile Cup” 2022 resumed at the Yujiang Hotel in Wuhou District, Chengdu. This round is the last round of the regular season and today’s results will determine which teams are promoted to the championship zone and which are relegated to the relegation zone.

In the focus match, Ke Jie lost to Gu Lingyi, Ding Hao lost to Liu Yuhang, Shen Zhenzhen beat Gu Zihao, Tuo Jiaxi reversed Jiang Dongrun, Xu Jiayang killed the dragon Mi Yuting, Li Weiqing beat Xie Erhao, Fan Tingyu beat Jiang Weijie , and so on. In the end, Supor Hangzhou topped the list with 35 points, Jiangsu Shenshou Feifei and Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank were second and third respectively; Shanghai’s Jianqiao College and Hangzhou’s Longyuan Mingcheng dropped out of the top 8 and missed the championship.

The following is a detailed battle report.

Kaifeng Yijiao team defeated Shenzhen Longhua team 2:2

Table 1: Li Zhixian beats Tao Xinran (quick chess)

The second station: Gu Lingyi wins Ke Jie (leader)(Where the world lives in minutes)

Channel 3: Wang Shiyi loses time and jumps

Radio 4: Cao Xiaoyang loses to Park Tinghuan

The main player Tai Kejie played black against the 32-year-old veteran Gu Lingyi. The first half of the game was a little more active in the black chess scheme. The live broadcaster Du Naigu thought it was a crushing game. However, in the top battle, Ke Jie began to play excessive tactics since move 77. After a long trial, Gu Lingyi responded correctly and overwhelmed the invading black chess, turning the situation around in one fell swoop. Ke Jie, who was in a bad position in the second half of the set, had no opportunities and conceded the loss with 166 shots.

After this match, Gu Lingyi rewrote the official match record against Ke Jie to lead 3:2; Ke Jie lost 8.2 points and was overtaken by Li Xuanhao, who was second in the original level, by 5 points. The number one player in China finally changed hands.

In the other games, Li Zhixian beat Tao Xinran in quick chess with black; Shi Yue beat Dragon King Shiyi with white; The Kaifeng Yijiao team, which is at the bottom of the standings, showed a tenacious fighting spirit and scored 2 valuable points.

Credit Card Minsheng Team Beijing defeated Dragon Yuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team 2:2

One set: Chen Haoxin loses to Jin Yucheng

Taiwan 2: Liu Yuhang beats Ding Hao (leader)

Three games: Hu Zihao beats Xia Chenkun (quick chess)

Four stations: Fan Yin steals Bian Xiangyi

Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou was ranked 9th before the match. If you want to compete for the championship, you must win this round. The main player Tai Ding Hao played black against Liu Yuhang, and the first half of the black game almost sealed the victory. However, Ding Hao, who was obsessed with killing dragons, did not consider his own strength and he made a miscalculation in the 119th. move Liu Yuhang grabbed the straw, passed through the world, and climbed from hell to heaven of victory. After that, he counter-killed the black chess above with a series of vital moves, reversing the game.

In the other rounds, young player Jin Yucheng defeated Chen Haoxin; Hu Zihao defeated Xia Chenkun; In the end, Hangzhou Longyuan Mingcheng will lose to Beijing Minsheng Credit Card and lose the championship.

Hangzhou Supor Team beats Jiangxi Jindalai Environmental Protection Team 4:0

One piece: Li Qincheng beats Yang Kaiwen (quick chess)

Taiwan 2: Shen Zhenzhen beats Gu Zihao (leader)(Iscariot Lives)

Three sets: Lian Xiao beats Peng Liyao

Four: Xie Kesheng Han Yizhou

The top general Taishen Zhenzhen won the white match against Gu Zihao. In this round, Gu Zihao chose an unfavorable position in the setup phase, and fell into a disadvantage. He tried to disrupt the position several times, but Shen Zhenzhen dealt with him very well. He was caught in 120 moves and admitted that he had defeated him. early.

In the other few games, Li Qincheng, a famous fast chess player, reversed and defeated Yang Kaiwen; Lianxiao defeated Peng Liyao; In the end, Supor Hangzhou Jiangxi Jindalai defeated Environmental Protection 4:0 and secured the top position in the standings.

Chongqing Shanghai T23 team beat Qingyi Youth Team 4:0

One piece: Li Xiangyu beats Wang Zeyu (quick chess)

Taiwan 2: Yang Dingxin wins into the family business (leader)

Three TV sets: Yuhan beats Ye Changxin

Taiwan 4: Li Xuanhao beats Wang Chunhui

The main player Yang Dingxin was in charge of Bai Shengcheng’s family business, and it was not easy with the ups and downs. In the other few games, Li Xiangyu beat Wang Zeyu in quick chess; Yuhan beat Ye Changxin; Li Xuanhao beat Wang Chunhui. Chongqing team scored 4:0 against Shanghai Qingyi Youth Team.

Quzhou Lanke Team beat Lhasa Chess Academy 4:0

One: Jin Zhixi wins Chen Yaoye

Taiwan 2: Tuo Jiaxi beats Jiang Dongrun, the main player

Three games: Chen Yunong beats Shen Peiran in rapid chess

Four: Ding Shixiong beats Zhang Qiang

The chief general, Jiang Dongrun, made a mistake in killing chess, and sent the winning game out, losing to Tuo Jiaxi. In the veteran game, Jin Zhixi made mistakes, and he narrowly beat Chen Yaoye with 3/4 pieces of black. Chen Yunong defeated Shen Peiran in rapid chess; Zhang Qiang played air chess in the official phase, and lost to Ding Shixiong in the middle game. The Quzhou Lanke team finally defeated the Lhasa Chess Academy team 4:0.

Jiangsu God Beast Feifei team beat Zhejiang Zheshang Warranties team 3:1

One: Zhao Chenyu beats Zhang Tao

Taiwan 2: Mi Yuting loses to Xu Jiayang (leader)

Three games: Huang Yunsong beats Tan Xiao (quick chess)

Four: Chen Xiansheng Iyama Yuta

The main player, Xu Jiayang, was brave, and Mi Yuting, who held the black hands 121, won the game. However, losing teammate Zhang Tao to Zhao Chenyu; Tan Xiao lost to Huang Yunsong in rapid chess; In the end, Jiangsu God Beast Feifei defeated Zhejiang Zheshang Securities 3:1.

The Shanghai Jianqiao College team beat the Tianjin Jiajia Food team 3:1

The first station: Wang Xinghao wins Tang Weixing

Channel 2: Li Weiqing beats top player Xie Erhao

The third table: Qiao Zhijian beats Li Chengsen in rapid chess

Channel 4: Huang Mingyu loses to Chen Zhengxun

The main player, Li Weiqing, took the lead, defeated Xie Erhao in the white match, and became the deserved number one main player this season with 11 wins in 14 games. In the other rounds, young player Wang Xinghao defeated triple crown winner Tang Weixing; Qiao Zhijian reversed Li Chengsen. Shanghai Jianqiao College defeated Tianjin Jiajia Food team 3:1.

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team beat Rizhao Shanhai Elephant team 3:1

The first Liao Yuanhe wins Shen Minjun’s rapid chess

Fan Tingyu wins Jiang Weijie as the main player of the second station

The third Tu Xiaoyu loses to Yi Lingtao

Dang Yifei defeated Xue Guanhua in the fourth channel

The main player, Fan Tingyu, was not soft on his former team Shandong club, and Zhibai used the “paradigm to control orphans” in the end to defeat Jiang Weijie, known as “butcher”. Liao Yuanhe defeated foreign aid Shen Minyu in the rapid chess table; Yi Lingtao killed the dragon and Tu Xiaoyu; Dang Yifei defeated Xue Guanhua in the middle game. In the end, the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team defeated the Rizhao Shanhai Elephant team 3:1.


In the end, Supor Hangzhou topped the list with 35 points, followed by Jiangsu God Beast Feifei and Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank. Zhejiang Zheshang Securities placed 8th ahead of Shanghai Jianqiao College with a 1-point advantage, and the latter entered the relegation zone.

After a one-day break, at 11 o’clock on February 9, the first round of the Gwarchae play-off games will officially begin. Stay tuned for the live broadcasts and reports that Yikeweiqi will continue to deliver.

Live picture (saury)

Tang Weixing VS Wang Xinghao

Mi Yuting VS Xu Jiayang

Gu Lingyi VS Ke Jie

Jiang Weijie VS Fan Tingyu

Lian Xiao VS Peng Liyao

Network arena

February 6: Round 14 of the Siege regular season

February 7: Round 15 of the Siege regular season

February 9-10: First round of the Siege Playoffs

February 11-12: Second round of the Siege Playoffs

February 14-15: Third round of the Siege Playoffs

February 17-18: Siege Finals

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