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On 23 November,red datesThe main futures contracts showed an overall downward trend, with the lowest drop to 10,715 yuan. At last, the main jujube contract was reported at 10,730 yuan, a decrease of 1.83%.

Jujube futures fell by more than 1%. How should relevant organizations evaluate market prospects?

Core Organizational Perspectives

Huatai Future: It is difficult to reverse the short-term weakness of supply and demand, and it is difficult for jujube prices to rise suddenly

As for production areas, Aksu, Alar, Kashgar, and Qiemohetian are still under control. Red jujubes in Xinjiang are planted in trees one after another After the isolation of Xinjiang merchants, they can carry out small-scale activities in the reporting area, and activities in other places still need to be reported. Currently, after the quarantine is over, traders start ordering, but due to factors such as logistics and tight shipping capacity, the supply of goods sent to factories is only about 1/5 of the purchase volume processing counts.

In terms of sales areas, Guangdong Ruyifang, Henan Bairong, and Xi’an Yurun are still under quiet control. Cangzhou, Hebei was unsealed on November 12, and processing and logistics plants have resumed work and production one on after the other. However, the Cuierzhuang jujube market is still closed On the 17th, a small number of traders on the outskirts of the market began to sell goods in stalls, but the supply of goods is under pressure, and it is expected that hardly prices will rise in the short term. It is said that some areas have gradually relaxed control, and with the arrival of the peak season, sales may improve.

Overall, it is difficult to reverse the short-term weakness of supply and demand, and it is difficult for jujube prices to rise sharply. However, the seasonal peak sales season is about to enter, and the epidemic prevention is more precise and relaxed. The main sales area may resume normal buying and selling before the production area, and may the price raised.

Ruida Futures: Zheng Zao is recommended to sell high and buy low in the short-term range of 10,500-11,500 yuan / ton

The list of samples increased slightly. Due to the successive fall of new jujube trees in the production areas, the volume of transactions in Aksu, Alar and other regions was relatively large. Some merchants who had completed the quarantine began to order, and the small ones began and medium orders ranged from 5 to 10 vehicles. However, as Xinjiang’s export capacity improves next week, it is expected that the stock of jujubes will continue to increase in the market forecast. In the sales area market, the three major sales area markets in Hebei, Henan, and Guangdong are quiet to varying degrees, and the purchase and sale are mainly based on rigid demand. In terms of execution, it is recommended that the Zhengzao 2301 contract should sell high and buy low in the short-term range of 10,500-11,500 yuan / ton.

Nanhua Futures: New jujubes are listed slowly, and the overall trend is weak

Production area trends: Red dates in Xinjiang have been planted one after another, however, due to the effect of the epidemic, jujube farmers have a strong willingness to raise prices, and the transaction volume is increasing slowly At this point time, the unified price of goods in the main production areas is relatively stable, and the mainstream price is basically 6.50-7.00 yuan / kg.

Trends in the sales field: Affected by the epidemic, Cuierzhuang Market in Hebei and Ruyifang in Guangzhou have not opened normally yet.

Nanhua’s view: short-term demand is poor, new dates are slowly entering the market, and the overall trend is weak Continue to pay attention to downstream shipments.

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