Support Thai people to consume crocodile meat instead of pork, full of nutritional value – Fresh news

Sriracha Farm encourages Thai people to consume crocodile meat instead of pork during the expensive price point, pointing to the nutritional value. revealed that there are many traders I have applied to be a sales representative in the department store.

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On January 15, 2022, at Sriracha Crocodile Farm, Chonburi Province, Mr. Sumet Panyasakorn, Managing Director of Sriracha Crocodile Farm Company, revealed that crocodile meat production is now available to the consumer market in Si Racha District, Chonburi Province and nearby areas. With about 1,000 kilograms per day, it is starting to be insufficient to meet the demand after more people turn to crocodile meat instead of pork and chicken.

He insists that crocodile meat will start to be in demand due to its high nutritional value. Both are rich in protein that is higher than other types of meat and does not contain harmful fats. but also high energy and low calories

Therefore, it is preferred by health lovers and has begun to be preferred by meat traders who are starting to look for other meat substitutes for pork and chicken. Now the company has begun to have large traders contacting them to be agents for selling crocodile meat to many large retailers and wholesalers.

Sriracha Farm will not raise the price of crocodile meat for sure. And confirmed that today still wholesale to partners who buy crocodile meat from 30 kilograms or more at a price of 85 baht per kilogram and a retail price of 120 baht per kilogram. Exports up to 70% and only 30% domestic sales, but during this period the proportion of domestic sales increased to 50%.

Mr. Sumet added that the company is now accelerating the public relations about the benefits and nutritional value of crocodile meat to the public through Sriracha Farm page and public relations of the staff, along with attaching various quality certificates that have been inspected by the health authorities including officials from the Department of Fisheries and also meet the GMP standard that can confirm the cleanliness and safety

“I invite Thai people to turn to crocodile meat because in addition to having very high nutritional value, it also has very low calories. They also do not contain fats that are harmful to health. In the past, many people may not dare to eat crocodile meat, but today is probably the time for Thais to open their minds to eating crocodile meat. It is a very nutritious alternative to expensive pork and chicken,” said Sumet.


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