Supreme Court ‘accounting irregularities’ Jeong Jeong-soon-to-be former lawmaker sentenced to 2 years in prison

Former Democratic Party executive Jeong Jeong-soon, who was handed over for trial for alleged accounting irregularities in the 2020 general election, was sentenced to two years in prison.

The 3rd Division of the Supreme Court (Presiding Judge Lee Heung-gu) confirmed the lower court’s sentence to two years in prison for former lawmaker Jeong, who was accused of violating the Public Official Elections Act, the Political Fund Act, and the Personal Information Protection Act on the 1st.

Jung Jeong-soon, former member of the Democratic Party of Korea./News 1

In mid-March 2020, Representative Chung was accused of paying 15 million won in activity expenses to an unofficial election campaigner and omitting the excess statutory election expenses from the accounting report. He was also accused of receiving 20 million won in cash from the election accountant in the name of campaign funds and stealing the personal information of 31,000 volunteers from Sangdang-gu, Cheongju, and using it for the election.

In August 2021, the first trial said, “We obtained the contact information of a large number of unspecified citizens who provided personal information with a good motive of volunteering and used it for primary elections and election campaigns.” For the purpose, there is a great need for severe punishment,” and the former lawmaker sentenced Jeong to two years in prison.

In February this year, former Congressman Jeong was arrested in court as he was sentenced to the same sentence as in the first case of the second trial.

The Supreme Court ruled, “There is no fault in the judgment of the lower court which found the prosecution guilty of breaking the rules of logic and experience, of going beyond the limits of liberalism or of misunderstanding legal principles.”

Former Congressman Chung lost his position as a member of parliament as accounting manager A, who was also accused, was sentenced to a fine of 10 million won in the first trial in August 2021 and the sentence was confirmed as it was. If the head of the election office or the person responsible for accounting breaks the election law and is sentenced to a fine of 3 million won or more, the election of a member of the National Assembly is also revoked.