Supreme Court “Seoul Transportation Corporation should rehire workers sent to outsourcing companies”

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The Supreme Court has ruled that the Seoul Transport Corporation, which converted its outsourcing to direct management following the ‘Guui Station Fatal Accident’ in 2016, must re-employ the workers who moved to a freight company.

The second division of the Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision in favor of the workers in an appeal of a lawsuit filed by 15 workers of the freight company against the former Seoul Metro and the current Seoul Transportation Corporation to rehire them.

In 2008, Seoul Metro entrusted the light maintenance of trains to a service company, and promised that workers who moved to this company would be rehired if the contract with the company was terminated.

When workers demand re-employment, in the lawsuits filed from the 1st to the 3rd trial, the court consistently ruled that Seoul Transportation Corporation must re-employ and must pay some of the wages who was able to receive it while re-employment was taking place. not done.

However, the Supreme Court accepted Seoul Transportation Corporation’s defense that the retirement age is the end of June of the first year reaching 60 years of age in accordance with personnel regulations, and was dismissed and remanded the lower court to reconsider the part where the retirement age should be alone. guaranteed until the 60th birthday. I did.

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