Supreme Prosecutor’s Office requests disciplinary action against Jeong Jin-woong for ‘Han Dong-hoon’s self-directed attack’

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office requested disciplinary action against Jung Jin-woong, a researcher at the Justice Research and Training Institute, who was acquitted of a self-directed attack against Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon.

It is understood that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office requested disciplinary action for charges related to Commissioner Jeong’s self-directed attack this month and informed Commissioner Jeong of the same.

The reason for the disciplinary action is said to be related to the case of a self-directed attack against Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon.

Although the case has already been upheld by the Supreme Court, discipline is possible under the Prosecution and Discipline Act.

The Prosecutors Disciplinary Act states that disciplinary action can be taken if a prosecutor breaches his duties or commits an act that damages his face or reputation as a prosecutor.

At the request of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Justice opens an inspection committee to collect opinions on the disciplinary measures, and then decides on the final disciplinary level through consideration by the disciplinary committee.

The Chair of the Disciplinary Committee is the Minister for Justice.

Since Commissioner Chung and Minister Han Dong-hoon were the perpetrator and victim in the case of self-directed attack, there is a possibility that Commissioner Jeong may ask for avoidance or that Minister Han may avoid himself.

On July 29, 2020, while working as the chief prosecutor of the 1st Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office, Commissioner Jeong was accused of assaulting a minister who was a researcher at the Judicial Research and Training Institute during a search and seizure. .

The first trial admitted that Commissioner Jeong had assaulted a minister and sentenced him to 4 months in prison, a year of probation, and suspension of qualifications for one year.

However, the second case accepted Chung’s argument that the attack was not deliberate and innocent, and that was confirmed in the Supreme Court in November last year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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