Surah Quraysh: 4 teachings and instructions

Surah Quraysh is the 106th Surah of the Qur’an. Surah revealed in Makkah, verse number 4, Ruku 1. In this surah, Allah reminded the Quraysh of His blessings and ordered them to worship and thank Allah.

The surah begins by mentioning the winter and summer journeys of Quraysh. Winter and summer trade tours were the means of survival and prosperity of Quraysh. Every year, Quraysh trade caravans went to Yemen, a hot region in winter, and Sham, a cold region in summer. They used to sell their products and bring products from there. As the house of Allah is the servant of the Kaaba, the other tribes of Arabia did not attack them, did not create any obstacles in their way. It was the honor and special favor of the Quraysh due to the house of God.

Surah Quraish
(1) As the Quraysh are accustomed; (2) Accustomed to winter and summer journeys (3) May they worship the Lord of this house, (4) Who fed them in hunger and protected them from fear.

1. Allah has specially honored the Quraysh clan. He entrusted them with the maintenance of his household, making one of their clans the last and greatest of the Messengers.

2. When Allah bestows blessings, it is our duty to express our gratitude for the blessings through praise, thanksgiving and worship. If you don’t thank for the blessings, Allah can take away those blessings and Allah’s punishment can come in place of the blessings.

3. It is obligatory to abandon the worship of all but Allah and to worship one Allah. In this Surah, all the people including the Quraish clan are ordered to worship Allah.

4. The provision of food and security in hunger is a great blessing of God. Allah should be thanked more and more for this blessing.


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