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“Inspector Phithak” permission from “Commander Numchai” Choose to use thieves to catch thieves. in pursuit “rain killer” which “Commander Numchai” approve immediately “Inspector Phithak” Therefore, 3 prisoners were chosen from the prison to help with the work. By presenting a proposal if the work is successful, the punishment will be reduced to the 3 prisoners, namely “giant” (Kawinrat Yosamornsunthorn), a mafia gangster with excellent fighting strength, “rest” (Jirayu Tantrakul) An assassin who always plans carefully before starting work. None of the police caught him until he surrendered himself. for some reason and Air (Naphat Wikairungroj), a serial killer who has killed many bodies. But I can’t remember what happened. “Commander Numchai” have sent Captain Alice (Chanya McCleary) A skilled young police officer in the police department. a granddaughter is an assistant “Inspector Phithak” In the case of the murder, the hunt for the killer begins in frenzy!

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.Destroy the city of Bad Guys.Destroy the city of Bad Guys.“Surasak Chaiyaat” or “Uncle” younger siblings in the entertainment industry or “Dad” many people call him because he is my father “Gangsom the Star” (Thanat Chaiyaat) has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time. The first film work shown was “A Year of Friends and My Miracles Day” The director’s work “King Sangam Srisupap” In 1993, then there was continuous work. Recently, the number of fans who follow more and more “Buppesanniwat” in the role “Kosa Lek” (Chao Phraya Kosathibodi) a lotpast performances “uncle” often choose to play “invited” that there are not many chapters to each story because of personal business Therefore, the time must be set aside so that both sides of the work can work together perfectly. He is also a special teacher teaching acting. Learn to design print media, etc. and spend free time drawing. I have organized a painting exhibition to see the beauty together.

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.Destroy the city of Bad Guys.series “Bad Guys Destroy the City” It is a series that we have seen a performance of “uncle” The form is very full because of the episode “Commander Numchai” London Police Commissioner It’s an episode that can be seen as a beginning “Mad Dog Gang” because behind the team of “Inspector Phithak” and as a senior manager not only have to deal with criminals. still has to deal with corrupt underlings including those in power who try to abuse his position

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.character “Commander Numchai” He is a calm person, his expression does not show any feelings for the colleague to know. but decisive in action and decisive in making decisions at all times both of the order “Inspector Phithak” with his teamcatch the murderer Either way The order to punish the subordinates who committed the crimes is strictly prohibited. Also, when you have to fight He leads the team without fearing any danger, and the scene we like a lot is the scene. “Commander Numchai” It must be decided which method to use to deal with the killer. be the vigilante himself or do everything according to the law “Noo Surasak” conveying the feeling under that simple expression Make people watching like us feel excited too. with the feeling of wanting to kill the man who killed his son with his own hands to take revenge with another option Let everything be alright “Commander Numchai” Coming out in every scene, there is always something to be excited about.

And of course, separately “Bad Guys Destroy the City” It is a series with a fun, exciting and exciting story and the actors in the story make us enjoy their performances, including the script. “Commander Numchai” which has quality actors like “Surasak Chaiyaat” take on this role

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.Destroy the city of Bad Guys.“Bad Guys Destroy the City” Broadcast every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM. TrueID, True Visions channel True Asian More (120, 239) a Netflix

Destroy the city of Bad Guys.

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Destroy the city of Bad Guys.

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