Surat still floods 8 districts, the Tapi River is overflowing. 3rd death, sinking in a crab net fishing boat

Surat still floods 8 districts, the Tapi River is overflowing. 3rd death, sinking in a crab net fishing boat

Heavy rains and flash floods in the area. Surat Thani Province Since November 23, 2021, there are 12 districts affected by disaster, and the latest situation has been resolved in 4 districts.

On December 1, reporters reported that The latest situation still has flooding in 8 districts, including Phra Saeng, Chai Buri, Wiang Sa, Khian Sa, Ban Na San, Ban Na Doem, Phunphin, which is an area of ​​the Tapee River flowing through, and Koh Phangan district. A total of 41 sub-districts and 279 villages have been affected. 6,117 households, totaling 18,652 people, 2 dead, 4 houses partially damaged by flooding, 3 in Don Sak district and 1 in Ban Na Doem district, 17,030 rai of agricultural land damaged, 122 roads damaged, 12 bridges and bridges, 9 weirs. 1 place and temple

While in Koh Tao sub-district, Koh Phangan district, 24 hours of cumulative rainfall measured 350 millimeters, causing flash floods in the area of ​​Mu 1, 2, 3, affected 6 households. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 There are 40 households who have been in trouble and at Ban Tai Subdistrict, Village No. 2,4,5,6, 35 households have been in distress. The administration of Koh Phangan District, the municipality, the village headman and the rescue of the Charitable Faith Foundation came to help move things.

On the same day, Mrs. Urasa Jinto, Prime Minister of the Red Cross of Surat Thani Province Get into the boat to bring a survival bag to help the victims. At Ban Bang Yod, Village No. 8, Ipan Subdistrict, Phra Saeng District, because most of the houses are next to the Ipan Canal. Overflowing and flooding more than 60 households, most of them single-storey houses were flooded to the roof and had to evacuate to live in relatives’ homes. Some two-storey houses found 4-5 households, which had to travel by boat. only

News reports say There was a third death, named Mr. Chaiwat Srichaichana, 44 years old, villagers in Village No. 5, Phum Riang Subdistrict, Chaiya District, who led a fishing boat together with Mr. Chaiwat Srichai, 18, his son, went out to fish. Floating nets for crabs at Laem Sui, Phum Riang Subdistrict, Chaiya District, were swept away by strong winds and drowned. A nearby fisherman helped Mr Chaiwat bring it back to shore safely.


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