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Surat Thani found 2 more COVID-19 infections from the same family over 9

by news dir

January 5, 2021


Surat Thani found 2 more COVID-19 infections from the same family surpassed 9, resulting in a cumulative total of 10 cases, accelerating sterilization of close housing and the shrine market to build confidence.

On January 5, 64, progress has been made from a case where COVID-infected people are found coming from Samut Sakhon province and returning to visit their families, have become infected with family members and close contacts for the last 7 days. It was found that two more close people were infected, resulting in a total of 9 cases of this family, resulting in the cumulative total of Surat Thani province having 10 cases of COVID.

Mr. Teerakitwangmutitakul Surat Thani Mayor Led the Health Division to sterilize the homes of COVID patients and all nearby homes and sterilize villagers’ homes in Talat Lang Soi 26, as well as sterilize in the shrine market in the municipality. Surat Thani Place where patients take their families for a walk to shop and eat.

People close to COVID say that nine cases of the coronavirus in the family are now waiting for another one, while the worrying case is the 75-year-old grandmother due to aging and stress. Others still have the same symptoms as people with common colds. In this regard, ask for sympathy from society as well, not attacking or abusing with profanity. The patient’s family is already very stressed. He asked to confirm that he was not infected with COVID and had already confirmed the results clearly.

While the market vendors at the shrine said the entire market had been affected, the entire market was quiet. No customers today, thank you to the municipality for spraying disinfectant Build confidence among customers and people in Surat Thani province more.

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