Home News Surat Thani Hospital announces its regret. Ambulance retreats over a 36-year-old woman who came to donate blood, dies.

Surat Thani Hospital announces its regret. Ambulance retreats over a 36-year-old woman who came to donate blood, dies.

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Surat Thani Hospital apologized to the ambulance on the body of a 36-year-old woman who came to donate blood. died in hospital

from the news Surat Thani Hospital’s car retreated over the deceased in that hospital at 11:00 am on September 17, 64 at Surat Thani Hospital, Dr. Sakchai Tang Psychology, Director of Surat Thani Hospital, together with Dr. Somsak Nilpong, who Assist the director of Surat Thani Hospital and representatives from Bangkok Insurance Company Joined a press conference in the event that hospital staff had driven a hospital car that was used to transport covid patients over Miss Saowanee, 36 years old, who went to donate blood to the hospital. Died in Surat Thani Hospital

The incident occurred at 11:00 am on September 13, while the deceased Miss Saowanee left her accommodation in the city of Surat Thani. to donate blood to Surat Thani Hospital After donating blood, go back to the accommodation. while walking out of the hospital There is an ambulance driver at Surat Thani Hospital. She drove backwards and crashed until Miss Saowanee fell to the ground. before being stepped on by the ambulance van on top of his body and head until he was seriously injured at the side of the building where he donated blood and died later

After the accident, the police came to investigate the scene. Collect all details to proceed with the case. find the culprit Later on the 14th day, the hospital contacted relatives to talk and open the CCTV footage. Along with negotiations already, the insurance company will pay to the relatives of the deceased in the amount of 1,500,000 baht, but the relatives are not ready to proceed. will have to wait for the sound funeral to be completed

As for the fact that the hospital’s claim that it is not the hospital’s driver is not true. because the hospital never spoke about this In addition, about attending the funeral service, the hospital has contacted to host this coming Saturday. As for the progress of the case, it has coordinated with Pol Lt. Col. Supachai Srisomphot, the investigative inspector, the owner of the case, said that the charges against the accused have now been filed. which is an officer of Surat Thani Hospital

Remedy at Surat Thani Hospital In the process of negotiating with the relatives of the deceased Initially, Surat Thani Hospital will travel to join the funeral service. and provide preliminary compensation amounting to 20,000 baht. As for the car that the accused drove into an accident, there was a Car Accident Protection Act BE 2535 and voluntary insurance.

Mr. Sutherawat Charoenwong, Director of the Office The Surat Thani Provincial Justice has coordinated Mrs. Wassana, the deceased mother, and Mr. Wicharn. relatives of the deceased to express condolences and encourage including explaining the criteria under which heirs are entitled to receive compensation in criminal cases and explain the laws related to the case and rights under the Car Accident Protection Act B.E. 2535 and Voluntary Insurance

However, if the injured heir does not receive compensation from the Car Accident Protection Act B.E. 2535 and Voluntary Insurance the victim’s heir Has the right to receive compensation for compensation as a victim in a criminal case under Section 3 of the Compensation Act. In the event of offenses against life as follows:

(1) Compensation in the event of the victim’s death to pay from 30,000 baht (2) funeral expenses 25,000 baht It is the sole discretion of the Subcommittee.


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