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Actor and MP Suresh Gopi sings at the wedding house. The video of the actress singing at her wedding home has also been picked up on social media. Violinist Shabarish Prabhakar invited Suresh Gopi to the stage during his wedding reception.

The actor immediately reached the stage, took the mic in his hand and started singing. Suresh Gopi sang the super hit song ‘Ilayanila Pozhigirathe’. The video shows the participants of the party taking over the song of the star with full applause.

The actor sings beautifully along with the rhythm of the musical instruments. Suresh Gopi left the stage immediately after the song.

Shabarish Prabhakar himself shared the video with the caption ‘This love has always amazed me, I asked and he gave it to me’.

Watch the video

Actress Attack Case | ‘Respect’: Mohanlal backs actress after Mammootty

Actor Mohanlal also came out in support of the actress in the Actress Attack case. The actress shared her post on social media titled ‘Journey from Victim to Survival’ and Mohanlal wrote his support by posting ‘Respect’ on his Instagram account.

Actor Mammootty also appeared on the Instagram story by sharing the words of the actress. Mammootty shared the actress’ post with the caption ‘With you’.

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Earlier, Prithviraj, Tovino Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, Rima Kallingal, Geethu Mohandas, Aashiq Abu, Anna Ben, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Nimisha Sajayan, Arya, Geo Baby, Smriti Kiran, Supriya Menon, Prithviraj, Femina George, Mridula Murali, Nimisha Indrajith and many others came out in support of the actress by sharing this post.

‘For 5 years my name and personality have been suppressed during the atrocities that befell me. There have been many attempts to humiliate, silence and isolate me or myself who have committed the crime. But all of a sudden some broke through the silence and came forward; To speak for me, so that my voice would not stop. When I hear so many voices that stand for me today, I realize that I am not alone. I will continue this journey so that justice will be done, those who have done wrong will be punished and no one else will have such an experience. Heartfelt thanks for the love of all who stand by ‘.

The actress’s note was. The actress came up with the response in the context of the latest developments in the case.

Update on the Tonic Lip in connection with the incident that happened to Nat. The case was registered by the Crime Branch yesterday. The conspiracy was hatched by the investigating officers at risk. Six people, including Leap, have been booked under the Jamia Millwa category. To be fixed. Brother Anoop, co. Her husband Suraj is the second and third accused. Appu, a relative, and Baiju Chengmanat are the fourth and fifth accused.

The ROM is a person who can be traced back to the FIR. Which is fixed. The actress was leading the investigation into the incident. B. Sandhya, former SP in Ernakulam and now IGU Maya AV. George, A.S.P. Sudarshan, Sojan, and Bai Ju Paulos are among the victims. The case is on the day of the trial.

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