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Suresh will live with 5 more; Suresh, who suffered brain death, donated his organs

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Trivandrum, First Published Sep 28, 2021, 3:04 PM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: PM at Idukki Vandanmedu Palathara house. Suresh (46) will live with 5 more people. Relatives of Suresh, who died at the Rajagiri Hospital in Ernakulam, donated his organs. The liver, two kidneys and two eyes were donated. The organ donation process was done through Mrita Sanjeevani (KNOS), a post-mortem organ donation scheme of the Government of Kerala. Health Minister Veena George paid tributes to the family who came forward for organ donation despite the intense pain.

Suresh, a loading worker, fell down the steps of his workplace in Vandanmedu on the night of September 24. He was rushed to a nearby private hospital. He was rushed to Ernakulam Rajagiri Hospital on the 25th with serious head injuries. He was pronounced brain dead the previous day as treatments progressed.

His wife Bindu Suresh and children Ajeesh (22), Vineesh (19) and Veena (17) volunteered for the organ donation. Vineesh, a son and a hotel management student, said his father had told him about the glory of organ donation. The liver is given to a critically ill super urgent patient at Kims Hospital. One Kidney Kottayam Medical College, One Kidney Loshore Kochi, Eyes L.F. In Angamaly, the treated organs are donated to suitable patients.

Under the leadership of the Minister of Health, all necessary arrangements have been made for the organ donation process and smooth travel. The matter has been brought to the notice of the Chief Minister. Police officials have set up a green channel on the instructions of the Chief Minister. KNOS Nodal Officer Dr. The organ donation process is overseen by a team led by Noble Gracias.

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