Surge of bogus health department calls | Liu Yulong is diagnosed | Disney increased prices in disguise | 70-year-old luxury bakery staff share tips | Federal Reserve raises interest rates 0.75% | Hong Kong sister’s “default top three” list flows out | September 22, Yahoo Morning Post

morning! Today is Thursday, September 22, 2022. The Observatory predicts that there will be sunshine for part of the day in Hong Kong, the maximum temperature will be around 31 degrees, and the easterly wind will be light and the wind will be fresh at the beginning.

The police held a press conference yesterday, stating that a total of 956 cases of telephone fraud had been received in the first seven months of this year, an increase of 62.6% year on year, involving fraudulent funds of up to 470 million yuan; among them, there were 213 cases of phone fraud involving the impersonation of Health Department staff, 230 million yuan, accounting for about half of the total fraudulent funds. The police pointed out that the fraudsters took advantage of the epidemic to do what they liked, grasping the public’s concern about the epidemic, in order to gain trust, and using different excuses to attract the public to’ r scam, and other sensitive information, that a pre-recorded voice will not contact the public.

As for the epidemic, 5,687 new cases were confirmed yesterday, including 146 imported cases. At Wu Kaisha Hong Kong Li Po Chun United World College, where all the students live in the school, a total of of 15 students in 4 dormitories were infected The authorities recommended that the whole school suspend classes for a week. Yesterday the Hospital Authority reported 9 deaths, aged between 66 and 92. As for the 2-year-old boy who had received a dose of Sinovac vaccine, he was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia a few days ago. In addition, Liu Yulong, a government expert consultant who received 4 doses of the Kexing vaccine, was also diagnosed a few days ago, he said yesterday that the symptoms are very mild. As for the government having received an application to approve the Fubitai infant formula vaccine, Liu Yulong estimated that the vaccine is expected to be available to Hong Kong and begin vaccination next month.

The society continues to have voices of returning to normal. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has earlier criticized Hong Kong’s rigid anti-epidemic policy, which has made Hong Kong lose its status as an international aviation hub .Destroyed his own aviation development, thinking that Hong Kong “has lost its status as a global hub, and it will be difficult to regain this status in the future because it is occupied by other opponents”.

Regarding the first case of imported monkeypox recorded in Hong Kong at the beginning of the month, the Hospital Authority said yesterday that the patient had recovered and been discharged. Regarding cases of imported monkeypox, the authorities announced yesterday that the high risk groups in Hong Kong can start receiving the monkeypox vaccine from the 5th of next month, and appointments can be made from the 3rd of the same month.. The vaccination is voluntary. million people are vaccinated.

Disneyland Resort announced yesterday that it has introduced “special peak day” tickets The standard one-day ticket (12 to 64 years old) is 759 yuan, and the child ticket (3 to 11 years old) is 569 yuan. the first specific peak day is expected to be this year Appearing during the Christmas period; 3 annual passes will also increase the price by a maximum of 7% The new prices will come into effect today, and all current day ticket prices for “special days” and “normal days” will remain unchanged .

In addition to the debut of the iPhone 14 Pro this month, Apple Watch also added a new member “Apple Watch Ultra”. In the end, what are the strengths of smart watches aimed only at high-level gamers and extreme athletes? Engadget already has the watch in hand, and it’s even better to do diving tests together.

Today’s article itself recommends: Earlier, everyone heard that the “Luxury Bakery” in Kowloon City was going to close, and this 48-year-old shop has attracted a large number of people from outside the region to patronize and “check in” on the night before closing. At the moment, the two remaining employees are accompanying the luxury through the last few years. The staff girl suffered from low back pain for 13 hours, and served fragrant fresh egg tarts to the guests. He also shared the luxury with us, and the neighbors over the years.

In terms of finance, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate meeting concluded, and the Open Market Committee unanimously decided to raise interest rates by 0.75%, which is the third time in a row that interest rates have been raised at this rate, in line with market expectations . Bureau officials raised interest rate expectations. Chairman Powell said that interest rates will still be raised 1% to 1.25% this year, and that the chances of a soft landing in the US economy are shrinking. In addition, Morgan Stanley said that the stock market in emerging Asian markets reached the longest bear market in history at the end of this month, surpassing the record after the bursting of the US science and technology bubble in 2000; the recent hawkish comments by Fed officials and the higher-than-expected United States inflation may make The market accelerates to test the bank’s target level pessimistic scenario in the short term, and does not rule out that a month October reached the bottom of panic selling. Morgan Stanley maintains the HSI in the base case at 21,500 in the middle of next year; in the optimistic scenario, the HSI can climb back to 26,500; in the pessimistic scenario, it will experience 17,000, a potential drop of almost 8% from the current level.

In terms of entertainment, “Miss Hong Kong Campaign 2022” will be held on Sunday, and more and more news will be revealed as the day approaches: a list of the “top three determined internally” is from the mother’s mouth , namely Feng Jiamin, Liang Chaoyi and Zhang Guangyi; on the contrary, the popular Xu Lin and Xing Huimin are also listed. Xu Zixuan and Chen Ruiling, who are “popular”, are all “out”; and Chen Ruiling, who was hated for being “Shuangliang Gangjie”, was praised yesterday for his courage, and can “turn defeat into victory” at any time.

On the other hand, Eason Chan held a New Year’s Eve concert and announced the ticket sales arrangement yesterday, which will be held on December 9-11, 13-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26 and 28-31 There are 18 shows with ticket prices of 980 yuan, 680 yuan and 480 yuan. Almost 50% of the tickets are on sale to the public, and each person is limited to 4 tickets. In addition, Disneyland has always been popular with adults and children alike. Many parents take their children to Disney while on vacation. However, some netizens have recently posted in the discussion forum “Insulting speeches, parents who do not know how to teach their children, become successful first. “Take the children to Disneyland every day” PO announced, which caused heated discussions, and a group of artists who often brought their children to Disneyland were shot while lying down.Is there any artist who will take their children to Disney every day?

The Golden Globe Awards used to be one of Hollywood’s main events, but the Golden Globe Awards were held quietly at the beginning of the year. There was no way. The organizer, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), was previously open to scandals such as discrimination against black people and sexual harassment. However, the Golden Globes will be broadcast live again: the latest news is that NBC, the TV station that has broadcast the event for many years, has signed a broadcast deal with the HFPA, but only in the next year which will be used, and will be calculated later.

Let’s watch today’s key news together:

【Today’s key news】

7.30am: Police detain 173 people for Department of Health scam phone calls have skyrocketed

am730: Hope for Fubitai vaccination rate for young children in Hong Kong Liu Yulong is diagnosed and quarantined at home

Oriental Daily: IATA’s bombardment of Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention reinforces its status as an aviation hub

Oriental Daily: 10.5 high-risk groups of monkeys are vaccinated

Oriental Daily: new “peak days” for one-day tickets, Disney will increase the price in disguise

Engadget: Apple Watch extreme evaluation: dive test + share a professional runner

Yahoo News: Kowloon City’s Half-Century Luxury Bakery Cream Countdown to 70th Staff Day, 13 Hours of Regular Customer Queues to Remember Childhood Taste

警拘 173 miles away

Police detain 173 people for fraudulent phone calls from DH


Hoping for Hong Kong’s Fubitai vaccination rate for young children, Liu Yulong is diagnosed and quarantined at home

IATA 轟港防義朠化毀航空樞紐这个IATA 轟港防義朠化毀航空樞紐这个

IATA’s bombardment of Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention and inflexibility is destroying its aviation hub status

click to see more photos 10.5 miles awayclick to see more photos 10.5 miles away

High risk group vaccinations 10.5 monkeypox vaccine


Disney adds “peak days” to one-day tickets

Apple Watch Ultra includes:Apple Watch Ultra includes:

Apple Watch Ultra extreme evaluation: diving test + professional runner sharing

奶油飄香半世紀九龍城豪華餅店最好倒數七旬員工日做 13
奶油飄香半世紀九龍城豪華餅店最好倒數七旬員工日做 13

Kowloon City Luxury Bakery Half Century Cream Perfume Countdown to the 70th Staff Day, 13 Hours of Regular Customer Queues to Remember the Taste of Childhood

【Key Financial News Today】

Yahoo Finance: Fed raises interest rates three times in a row 0.75%

Letter: Morgan Stanley warns emerging stocks in longest bear market in history, Hang Seng Index panic sell-off set for saddest 17,000

聯儲局連續三次加息 0.75 厘聯儲局連續三次加息 0.75 厘

The Fed hikes by 0.75% three times in a row

大摩預警新興股陽歷來最長熊市 恒指恐意拋发在即最悲見 ​​17,000
大摩預警新興股陽歷來最長熊市 恒指恐意拋发在即最悲見 ​​17,000

Morgan Stanley warns emerging stocks in longest ever bear market, Hang Seng Index panic sell-off imminent, saddest 17,000

【Today’s key entertainment news】

Oriental Daily: Exclusive revelation: Hong Kong sister’s “game result” is so hot that Zhang Guangyi is shortlisted for the “default top three” Chen Ruiling wins both

Sing Tao Daily: Almost half the tickets will be on sale next month, and each person can only buy 4 Eason Red Pavilions New measures to fight scalpers

Yahoo Entertainment: Netizens post criticism of PO for not knowing how to teach children to go to Disney every day, and the artist is also shot while lying down

LOL Film: Scandals are constantly breaking, and next year’s Golden Globes will finally be televised live

Directory: 港姐「賽果」爆不停大熱危危乎張光怡入圍「內定三賽」陳熱危危乎Directory: 港姐「賽果」爆不停大熱危危乎張光怡入圍「內定三賽」陳熱危危乎

Exclusive revelations: Miss Hong Kong “Competition Result” continues to explode, and Zhang Guangyi is shortlisted for “Initial Top Three” Chen Ruiling wins both

近半門票下月開已每人限買 4 張 Eason click to see more photos近半門票下月開已每人限買 4 張 Eason click to see more photos

Almost half of the tickets will go on sale next month. Each person can only buy 4 Eason Red Pavilions New measures to tackle scalpers


Netizens post PO criticism that they don’t know how to teach children to go to Disney every day, and the artist is also shot while lying down.

醜聞不斷被割席明年金球獎電視台終於肯 live broadcast醜聞不斷被割席明年金球獎電視台終於肯 live broadcast

Scandals are constantly being cut from next year’s Golden Globes TV set to finally live

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