Suriya, the coffin, took him to open the coffin of ‘Watermelon Nida’ to chase every point and meaning before the ceremony on 24 May.

Suriya casket, taking to open the coffin of ‘Watermelon Nida’, chasing every point, every meaning, before sending the actress for the last time, May 24, bringing her soul to the embrace of God

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On May 20, 65 at Suriya Coffin, Khlong Luang (Suriya Fundal Co., Ltd.), news online Open the mind of Mr. Wirot Suriyasenee or the young man, the second generation heir of Suriya’s coffin Person responsible for preparing the coffin of actress Melon Nida before the funeral at the Methodist Church, Pathum Thani Province on May 24

Mr. Wirot revealed that earlier, the elders and friends of the watermelons had prepared several chests. by presenting the model to Professor Thongchai Pradubchananurat The chairman of the Baptist Church Foundation after Nang Panida Mae Melon said she wanted a picture of watermelon on the chest. and let the teacher decide and give advice Christian which when the teacher saw the chest of Suriya said to do it with the heart Therefore, Suriya was chosen to produce the chest.

Mr. Wirot revealed that the team then spent 1 week collecting data for the design and 1 month for production. Watermelon likes roses and tulips. therefore used the media to represent his identity and identity It is beautiful, warm, gentle and has a total of 1,001 flowers around the chest, of which 1,000 flowers represent the love of fans and friends. Embrace a picture frame instead of a watermelon in the middle of the chest. The last flower represents the watermelon. The head of the chest will have a rose bud. instead of starting over At the bottom of the chest is a rose that blooms instead of withering. For the technique of making this chest Using a hand-drawn floral design method on the computer is very difficult. and it’s the first time

Mr. Wirot said that the chest will be white and old rose. which is the color that watermelons like The interior of the first coffin was designed in velvet fabric. but because there is no son color therefore use silk instead Ready to sew pearl beads around the coffin According to the melon’s mother, use something simple. For the chest, it is a wood that is used specifically for burning. If ordering a chest like this one, it will cost from 100,000 baht to a hundred thousand for the cremation ceremony that will arrive. Now we are 100% ready, which on the day of the ceremony will go to pick up the body and send it to the church

“Previously, many chests were designed. If other leaves are used, they will fail. But in the end, I believed that the watermelon chose this chest. I made a prayer After listening to the history of watermelon know that he fights for life What do you have to go through? What we can do for him for the last time is the best thing to do. At first saw I also asked the team if it was really possible to do this. I was happy until I made it out. no worries And in the past, I have made a chest for Soraphong Chatree, a former actor who has passed away as well,” said Mr Wirot.

The details on the chest have an Old Rose and white gradation. The idea came from the time of sunset. The soft orange light reflected on the sparkling sea floor. The flower and the white dove are symbols according to Christian belief. Means to lead the soul to the holy land. The tulip represents a selfless love that does not expect anything in return. Roses mean grace, sincere love, and orchids represent gentle beauty. In Chinese, it is used as a flower to express the language of love, meaning “I can’t resist thinking of you.”

At the top of the chest is a cross and a bird deer beside a watermelon frame. Refers to the god who watches the watermelon from the beginning to the end of his life. before leading his soul into the embrace of God

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