Surpassed 30 million domestic 5G subscribers… LTE is also making progress thanks to ‘affordable phones’

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Surpassed 30 million domestic 5G subscribers… LTE is also making progress thanks to ‘affordable phones’

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Publication Date 2023-06-06 14:45:34

[디지털데일리 백지영기자] The number of 5G (5G) mobile communication subscribers in Korea has exceeded 30 million.

According to the statistics of the wireless communication service of the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 6th, at the end of April, the number of 5G subscribers in Korea was 30,023,621. This is an increase of 420,000 compared to the previous month, which is more than 30 million in 4 years of 5G commercialization.

The number of 5G subscribers per carrier was 14,345,003 for SK Telecom, 9,002,622 for KT, and 6,436,643 for LG U+.

In addition, due to the popularity of affordable phones, the number of 4G (LTE) mobile communication subscription lines recorded 46,311,035, an increase of 315,041 compared to the previous month. At the end of March, the number of LTE subscription lines increased 10 times compared to the previous month, which only increased by 29,000.

In fact, it has been analyzed that the majority of LTE subscribers are economy phone subscribers. The number of low-cost LTE subscribers was 12,692,592, up 261,316 from the previous month.

By subscription type, SK Telecom recorded 348,183 new subscribers, KT 140,613, and LG U+ 213,756. The number of newly subscribed cheap phone users in April was 399,261, the highest.

Meanwhile, 5G subscriber wireless traffic in April was 741,831 terabytes (TB), down 8.5% from the previous month (811,628TB), and the average traffic per 5G subscriber was 25.3GB, down from the previous month (28GB). The average traffic per mobile subscriber was also 12.63GB, down from 13.51GB the previous month.

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