surprise! “Eehani” decorated with lightning for 1 month, announced good news, 4 months pregnant, giving birth in June.

After the news of a surprise wedding with her boyfriend in December 2021, actress Lee Hani or Honey Lee announced the good news today. She is 4 months pregnant.

On January 16, a representative of Lee Hani’s agency Saram Entertainment informed Ten Asia that “A precious life has come to actress Lee Hani. She is in her fourth month of pregnancy and is due to give birth in June.”

The agency also said that “Please understand that we cannot tell you all first. due to the stability of the mother and the fetus I wish you all to send congratulations and blessings to actor Lee Hani. and her baby who is about to be born warmly.”

It is reported that Lee Hani has started a serious relationship with her husband. which met and knew each other through acquaintances at the beginning of last year and the wedding was held in December of that same year. A month after the wedding announcement News of the four-month pregnancy was released today.

Lee Ha Ni recently won the Best Actress award. Romantic comedy mini-series category at the SBS Drama Awards 2021 for SBS drama One the Woman. She received the prestigious award with her unborn child.

His latest work is director Lee Hae Young’s new action film Ghost. about to be released

Online drama. Please join us. Congratulations.

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One The Woman is a hilarious comedy series where Lee Hani plays two very different characters.

Brutal in One The Woman

Dress up as Super Woman to celebrate the end of One The Woman's ratings of 17.8%.

Received the Best Actress award at the SBS Drama Awards 2021 with a 3-month-old baby.

The latest work, GHOST, an action movie waiting to be shown




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