Surprised to see an ‘Avatar’ character; Avatar Moment Nila Pearle Maaney Singapore Vlog

Pearly was there to see the scene surrounding the Avatar film franchise at Gardens by the Bay.

‘Avatar’ by James Cameron was a film that stunned audiences around the world by showing the illusions of the distant planet called Pandora. James Cameron has told the story of the endless misery of the human race through the film made on a huge budget of 1200 crore rupees. It’s amazing that even after thirteen years, no other film has surpassed ‘Avatar’ in terms of technical excellence. The second part of ‘Avatar’ hits theaters on December 16.

Actress, presenter and vlogger Pearli Mani has shared pictures of Nila being surprised to see the prominent characters being ‘dragons’ in Avatar. During their trip to Singapore, Pearly and her family came to see the scene around the Avatar film franchise at Gardens by the Bay. This walking experience is set within a 10,000 square meter greenhouse – a cloud forest.

Actress and presenter Pearli Mani and Sreenish Aravind are very well known on social media. Not only father and mother, daughter Nila is also a social media darling. Pearly and Sreenish share all the details and pictures of Nila through social media. Pearly, who has a huge fan base through social media, has her own YouTube channel.

Pearli and Sreenish, who came as contestants in the first season of Bigg Boss and fell in love, got married in 2019. Pearli gave birth to her daughter Nila in March 2021.

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