‘Surprising Confession’ Son Dam-bi “Brazilian waxing…it’s clean”

IHQ ‘My sister is shooting!’ Screen capture © News1

Son Dam-bi and Kim Ho-young shared their Brazilian waxing experience.

In the IHQ entertainment program ‘My sister shoots!’, which aired on November 30, musical actor Kim Ho-young appeared and had a conversation with MCs So Yi-hyeon, Ahn Young-mi, and Son Dam-bi.

On this day, Kim Ho-young said, “I’m good at counseling my worries,” and said, “There are many times when strangers come to me to worry about themselves, and there are even people who cry.” As a result, the MCs took time to receive counseling from Kim Ho-young in response to viewers’ concerns.

The first concern that was introduced was the story of a girlfriend who forced her to wax. In response, Kim Ho-young said, “Actually, there are things that are rejected because of shame at first.”

Kim Ho-young also said, “I had a Brazilian wax two days ago.”

Son Dam-bi agreed with this, saying, “I did it too,” and said, “I’m completely clean.” So Yi-hyeon also confessed her waxing experience, saying, “I did bikini waxing.”

Ho-young Kim said, “It can be difficult if you wax everything from the beginning, and it’s okay to thin it out. He continued, “Men don’t go to nail salons, but once you experience it, you get a taste for it, so you keep going,” he said.

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